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Playing on PS4 and I've just had enough, with various bugs and saved game issues. The final straw: on the museum level, on "Kill the Infected", with only about 500 undead. I got it down to a handful and...you guessed it....the game crashed with a CE error. Aaaand, when I went back into the game, yup....ALL the undead were back...EXCEPT all the ammo and throwing devices updated to being spent with the previous effort!!!! So, the undead were all there and my weapons weren't.

Had enough of this joke. Plus, the devs don't respond to my messages. Pathetic.

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This forum is for the developers tools, the editor so to speak, of the game. Not the forum for the developers.

But, no problem. It does surprice me that the game runs so badly on PS4, or was this the first bug you encountered.
That museum part is indeed very hard, but you don't need ammo or weapons there. Personally i killed most zombies
always with me feet. Just stand above them and then kick agains there head, theye explode with one kick.

All in all, succes. Don't know if you have the Following, the next part to the game, because that one is also really great!


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Thanks for the responses. I posted here because I almost never get responses in General Discussion, and god forbid the devs lift a finger to write out a response to my messages.

I toughed it out in the end, since I had come this far. I jumped up on the horse statue in the museum courtyard and just fired arrows at the undead. Took about 45 minutes total but I was able to clear them and move on.

The game on PS4 is a mess. Game saves start in completely different places. NPC's voice their quests again and again, even if they already have. Just the tip of the iceberg.

Don't think I have the patience to play The Following after this.

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