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7 hours ago, Egoore said:

You used to be able to i havent done it for a while you used to do it through the storage management section. Dont know if you still can though.

I tried that, it wouldn't recognize my USB drive as an external device, only media. I also tried to connect my external HDD I use as an extra storage for the console, but the PC don't even recognize that anything is plugged in.

Honestly, this is probably a little beyond my capabilities. It might be possible, but it probably involves a lot of obstacles.

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On 6/14/2018 at 4:38 PM, Rogsr35uk said:

I had a crash on Travel to Columbia. Hadn’t done any expansions in Italy. I eventually found I could travel to any map a long as I took a vehicle with me. Playing on PS4.

I always take a pickup wherever I travel but still have this problem.

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