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Game-breaking BUG: Can't return to Sector 0 to complete Embers mission

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I played Dying Light last night (PS4) and got to Sector 0 to begin the "Enter the Embers" mission. As I had been playing for hours, I quit the game. I came back today and instead, I was placed back at the Tower when I continued. The waypoint takes me to the poster near the Merchant but the only options are "The Bozak Horde" and "Go to the Prison".
In addition, I tried going into the main menu and selecting Return to Campaign. That is broken. It returned me to Sector 0 but the mission and objective is still on the screen as Harran Prison and it's trying to get me to go back into the Sewers.
It appears there is no way for me to continue the game. Any help would be appreciated.
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