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Give Quarantine zones certain always-there crafting components

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An idea which would either work in this game, or for a Dying Light 2.

In this game there are certain "loot houses", which always have a few fixed items you can grab every so often. Why not add this feature into some quarantine zones as well? That could give an added incentive for people to play multiple different quarantine zones, instead of say, just farming the first three packages in Stuffed Turtle, leaving and repeating. These special items would probably be best placed deep into the location to encourage people to actually complete the zones, and where possible, should be thematically consistent with the location. I am not suggesting adding a lot of these fixed items, only 3-5 at most. Anything less than three would not make a difference, anything more than 5 would probably be too much.

Some examples:

  • The locked room in back of the Stuffed Turtle could have, say, 3x Household Supplies and/or 3x Tin Cans. You'd be forced to deal with the zombie horde and the zombies which pop out to unlock the back room each time, but it might be worth it if you really wanted those items.
  • Chemical Storage could have 3-5 Chemical ingredients scattered in various places around the room.
  • Sunny Apartments could have Aerosol cans, one each in 3-5 of the apartments.
  • Striped Dragon Hotel would be a good source for cellphone,s TV's and laptops, so Electronics, one each, in 3-4 rooms would work there.
  • Underground Parking Garage (Slums) was meant to be a place for survivors to hole up, so Batteries would seem to be the right item there. Three in the Elevator sounds about right.
  • Maybe Plastic in the (Old Town) Parking Lot, since that was under construction.

Nails, String, Gauze, Duct Tape and Power Cables already have a good, reliable sources for them. Blades seem to drop like candy as well, so those are not likely in need of a boost either.

It would be a small thing, but it would encourage players to play other quarantine zones. Even if this idea doesn't make it into Dying Light 1, it could work for a Dying Light 2, assuming that one has quarantine zones and crafting, of course.

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