Validator,F Duplicated resource program , 378 occurences?

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As soon as I start the editor it gives a error message. Its a small window that is called;


and it says;

F Duplicated resource program                     378 occurences

I will show a screenshot of it. Below it are buttons with Cancel or Continu Anyway.
I click the last one and the map loads and everything is fine. I know from previous editors that some
show tons of error messages but you can just ignore them, is this also such a case or should i look
in to this?


DL error Validator.jpg

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Expand the error message in the validator then copy to desktop.

Now, paste this in notepad and look the files also where they are placed.

But this is a huge list, maybe you have both previews into your project and into the developer tool’s parh.

If so, remove the previews from your project.

And let them into the tool’s path so that the previews will be shared across all of your projects.

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