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Add-on (Free or not) for costume/outfit passive skills

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So my old idea wasn't possible, I just want to confirm or see if Techland can figure out or if it is a possibility. I posted about costume outfits having passive skills to turn the tide on all difficulties and hence going pve and pvp for bad blood and BTZ. I know it may seem somewhat rpg'ish way but I wanted to do this type if you guys going to balance it all the way to make the game interesting for our zombie slaying time to make it amusing.

Here are the stats if it seems fine:

Athlete: +15% movement speed,
Bully: 20-25% unarmed melee damage (Legend Rank Damage Varied),
Dirty and Fresh Clothes: Default No Skill,
Headhunter: Headshot critical chance increased by 50% (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied),
Juggernaut: Defense Resistance Increased by 30%,
Punk: Melee Weapon Damage Increased by 25-30% (Legend Rank Damage on melee weapons for one-hand and two-handed varied),
Runner: Parkour Speed Multiplier Doubled,
Scout: Firearm Accuracy increased by 10-15% (If sniper DLC was included),
Survivor: Health Increased by 50%,
Master Scavenger: Luck of looting items, money and increases lockpicking window opening chances (good for subsonic ammo farming), 
Ninja: Silent Footsteps on Human enemies (Don't know if zombies can hear but be very easy to kill on takedown skills at nighttime and daytime, camouflage increase on night time),
Special Agent: Firearm Damage Increased by 15-20% (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied)
Urban Explorer: Increases Survivor Sense Range for lootable items,
--Skins from "The Following" are cosmetic use same for the character outfits--,
Dragon Ninja: All Melee Damage Increased by 50%,
Quarantine Demon: Melee critical chance on varied zombie types increased by 30%,
Perfect Gentleman: All Firearms have doubled firepower,
Golden Boy: Looting money from corpses increases the price,
TreeHugger: Increases camouflage in grassy areas during day and night.

Even as I know that you guys giving out the goodies from the DLC's, I put into thought and consideration if you somewhat agree with this, because I wanted to amp up the passive stuff onto the costumes knowing that wasn't concentrated if there was a slight chance to do this. But if I want to do a price to make it interesting. $1.99-4.99 US and somewhat to the euros on that conversion. Download size? 3-5 MB (Regular size if Bad blood and BTZ was involved in balancing the game.)

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