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Notifications Getting Out Of Whack

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Has any of you noticed how the notifications section on the tablet screws up sometimes. And it gets worse as you keep adding tasks and other things on the other locations.

The problem is that something which, for example, takes 3 days to get ready, suddenly shows up as 2 days remaining, or if it's something that should be ready in 1 day, it shows up as 3 days still. I see this happening constantly with my Apple Orchard 1.

I have now farms on all 5 locations in Free Farming, and I see that the game keeps chupacabra up the times.

Yesterday, I was travelling to Germany at 8:00 in the evening, and as I arrived, stuff that should've been ready only at midnight suddenly got brought forward by 1 day, some ready to collect. Stuff that had 2 days remaining suddenly said 1 day. And, when it really got to midnight, all those tasks got brought forward yet another day. So, in the space of 4 hours, I saw 2 days worth of tasks being ready to collect.

It's not just the notifications that get screwed up. Tasks actually get brought forward by 1 day. I didn't see this at the beginning, because I didn't have many tasks, but now with over 20 different things to keep track, the game seems to get confused. Very annoying.

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