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Where do I sell Straw bails?

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2 hours ago, Gabrielmpf said:

Silage is not worth it to sell, in my opinion, unless you want to use it. You have to wrap it and wait a couple of days for it to be ready, just to be sold at $200. Too much work for little reward.

Hmm, I think its debatable. To get a grass bale you have to mow and then bale, silage is just 1 extra step on that for doubling the profits. In the time it takes for the bale to ferment however you could have created at least 1 further set of grass bales. So profitability/time grass is probably better but profitability/work silage probably edges it. I think its pretty well balanced - if the silage price was much higher then it would just be an exploit to make money.

Personally though I agree with you, I'll typically take the instant cash for the grass bales.

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