How to add weapons ?

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I am following all the great video tutorials from Techland itself and many other youtubers so i
have learned by now how to add assets but when i place weapons this way then they are not usable.
They are solid but static and not being able to pick up. I did find these weapons by searching for
pistol, shotgun and machinegun in Meshes. So maybe these are the wrong ones, but i couldn't find
any other weapons when i searched for them in the other groups like Collections and Data.

Could someone please help because without any gun power it isn't that much fun to test my map each
time that i build something on to it, lol. And ofcourse do i also need them in my map. Did find with my
search in these forums a tutorial about how to make custom weapons and how to add weapons by
player startup but that is not what i mean. I don't want to give the player right away all weapons.

So, does someone know? Would be very much apriciated...


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to add weapons into your map (ones that player can pick up),

place some item spawner then, open the attributes window when this object is selected and choose the item type.

(you can find the item spawner in the assets browser under the common collection).

(by default it is an ammo box).

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Thank you so much!

This means a lot to me, because i had build already a street with houses etc but no enemies in it,
so testing it each time was no fun at all. I had default 4 melee weapons and zombies, but testing with
them is not so much fun each time. Now i finally can start mapping on and concentrate my mapping
around contacts with enemies, because that is the best way to map at all, at least that is my opinion.

So, thanks!
(funny thing, i looked everywere but couldn't find this info at all!!)



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