Z fighting pave_one, how high needs to be my world?

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I am new to this awesome editor but have much experience with other ones. So this
is my first try with it and i run in to this small issue for which i can't find anywere a solution.

Thing is, when i start and place for instance a Pave_one_... asset in the empty map with just one
very large brown floor/ground plate then the Pave_one_ zi fights with the brown ground plate.
My question, do i therefore need to build my map a little bit above this large brown ground 'thing'
to overcome this z-fighting. And if so how much. Why is this large brown ground plate there in the first
place? Now that i think about it, when you want to build below ground then you need to build your map
much higher above that brown ground platform, or can you cut part out of the platform, like for instance
is possible in the Dunia/Far Cry(5) editor, with the "Hole tool"?

Probably a really stupid noob question of mine, but i like to start not right away with a big error on my part.
Thank you in advance,




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When you start creating empty/new map there must be somthing where you can put obj/models and spawn on the ground. The blue flag is spawn point. 

With pave problem just simply click on the large ground (know as dummy box) and drag to the other place or simply delete then the pave should not blink or fight.

If you had any questions check out this page --> http://dldt.byethost16.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page there you can find everything about DL-dev tools or in DL discussions.


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Thank you very much for the info! So, its called the Dummy Box, good name for it. Noticed it can be brown ground or water,
but now that you say so, you do in deed need at first something to start on, makes sence! Otherwise the first asset won't stick.
And i checked the link, such a wiki will give me for sure much extra new info.



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