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Save guns for humans, not undead?

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I am fairly early in the game, struggling a lot with garbage, weak, melee weapons. I avoided "Kill the Bandits" because of being outnumbered and outgunned. Now, I was able to acquire a Police Rifle from the gas station shootout and a pistol from a Police van. But my ammo is limited. Would you recommend saving the guns for human enemies? I actually try to avoid getting into combat with the undead, if possible. Seems like a waste of resources and often results in death and losing points.

Also, where do you get more ammo? Will I need a blueprint to craft ammo or will I find it?


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Guns are tricky because they make a lot of noise and will attract only more dangerous zombies. Use them with caution and go for headshots. Its even possible to kill multiple enemies with the same bullet. Shotgun deals most damage and is most likely the one you want. Guns and ammo will be for sale at your quartermaster and shopkeepers when you reach Survivor Rank 9. Unless you play at Nightmare mode because then you cant buy any ammo and you will have to craft or find it all. You can find ammo in vans or it gets dropped by Raises men, if you know where to look its not that hard. The new Prison Heist DLC is literally stacked with ammo.

Taking on groups of enemies works best if there is a bigger zombie around who will also hit them if they get in the way or use enviromental damage like gastanks, puddles of gasoline, light/cartraps and/or fire extinguishers. 


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