Co - op or multiplayer

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I Really love the game and his aspects but i do really mis working with my friends.

I suggest bringing in multiplayer or only Co-op I do think once this has being brought in you'll get more people buying this game.

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I agree I love the game it has such amazing potential and my friends love it but we would much rather play together. Please add in a co-op or multiplayer option for this game I play on xbox and PC both and paid for the game twice now I have many friends who play and alot more that would play it if there was a way we could all work together. Also the whole going to other countrys is amazing I love how it interfaces multiple cultures into the game. I dont wanna get bored with the game due to lack of no one to play with so please add a multiplayer option. Us gamers would appreciate it very much.

Thank you for this amazing game


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