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As an avid fan of Dying Light (and Techland as developers), I thought I might share indepth, what I think would make for a great Dying Light 2. I know this isn't the right discussion for this type of post.. But I'm unable to start a new thread in 'General Discussions'...



Several helicopters fly in -  soldiers from a secret government organisation surrounding the Tower,  capturing the survivors, Brecken and yourself. They fly you back to their lab where they extract a sample of the ‘dormant’ Harran virus from you to experiment with and mutate. Something goes wrong in the lab, you manage to escape with Brecken and a few other ‘original’ survivors out into the ..*region*

The leader of the organization seeks to cull the world population by infecting various cities over the world. You need to stop him.

Safe Zones are much more sophisticated:
- Expandable survivor ‘capacity’
- Can be fortified(+ a skill tree to learn how to build better fortifications)
- Survivor types (scavengers, scouts, fighters etc).
- Safe zones can be periodically attacks by hordes of infected.

Volatile Hives are more horrifying & threatening to a region. Can be officially ‘attacked’ to weaken the threat of infected in the nearby area. Hives attract infected, making them more deadly over time.

Survivors can be ‘found’ out in the open and brought back to a safezone to contribute to its strength/progress.               

Notes about my idea:
- All survivors carry the Harran Virus(referring to as H.V. from now on) which lies dormant until death - or when bitten.
- The ‘Night Hunter’ infected (from pvp mode) is now an infected in the Open World.  The virus has mutated, giving it a basic level of intelligence/awareness, can organise/control nearby infected in terms of ‘attack’ and ‘halt’ etc. They essentially become ‘leaders’ of the infected.


In Detail…..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So the game picks up with Crane(you) completing a small task for Troy in Old Town – which will help The Embers in the ‘long run’. As you’re speaking with her, an alarmed Brecken radios in – you find out that several helicopters are hovering over the Tower, that soldiers have surrounded the base of the building, and more have dropped on the roof, capturing survivors floor by floor and flying them away.

You(Crane) tell Brecken to hang on and rush back to the Slums. You get to The Slums half the map away, but can hear the helicopters in the distance(‘This will attract every infected for miles’ you think..).

Eventually you get close enough to The Tower to see that it has infact been surrounded by soldiers at the base, standing behind rudimentary barricades & standard floodlights, illuminating the coming darkness. It begins to rain…
Looking up at the tower, you radio Brecken who replies to you in a hushed voice – the soldiers haven’t reached his floor yet(where is he with a bunch of survivors).

Brecken’s voice is suddenly drowned out by the sound of gunfire, you look at the ground troops shooting into waves of common infected/virals ascending the northern & western steps leading up to The Tower.

During a brief lull in the fighting, -from the soldiers view- they hear the scraping of cement along with the deep groan of a goon. The soldiers momentarily look on in shock as they see this previously unseen(by them) infected make its way up the steps toward them. The open fire but it doesn’t go down – the goon roars and more waves of common/virals swarm in…
* * * * *

You decide you’ve no hope of reaching Brecken through the usual entrances, so you decide to scale the adjacent building(just north of The Tower) to cross the ‘crane’ on the top to get to The Tower and find Brecken. As you do that, the night envelops Harran, along with a storm.

The soldiers on the ground are fewer, some of the barricades have been destroyed, some floodlights knocked over.
As they dispatch the last of the infected from the latest wave, they hear the distant howls of an unknown infected (The Night Hunter).. Suddenly a volatile leaps out from the darkness, knocking a soldier to the ground and starts savaging him. The surrounding soldiers open fire on it, eventually killing it.

A deafening howls sounds out, and the soldiers train their guns (with flashflights) on the Night Hunter, which leapt to the 2nd/3rd story balcony of the adjacent building. The soldiers look at it as it lets out a deafening roar – and a huge wave of infected consistent of commons, virals, goons and volatiles emerge from the darkness.. quickly overwhelming the remaining soldiers.

As you make your way across the crane over to The Tower, the floodlights that had once surrounded the tower are blacked out by the waves of infected flooding into the tower below.
You a group of survivors, hooded and bound being escorted by 2 armed soldiers to what seems to be the last remaining helicopter - you notice one of the survivors wearing a yellow shirt(Brecken).

As you get close enough, you gun down said soldiers and pull off Breckens hood to confirm - he's gagged and alarmedly murmuring something.
You turn around and instantly cop the butt of a soldiers gun to the face, knocking you down, disorienting you. The soldiers points a gun at you, and then you hear someone say 'wait!'.

It's here that you meet the 'mastermind'(villain/leader of this secret organisation), who tells the soldiers to bind you and get you in the chopper as well..

As your chopper takes off, you hear the roar of the Night Hunter as he leaps from the adjacent building to the roof of The Tower. It leaps at your helicopter – narrowly missing as a soldier in the chopper opens fire on it.
A hood is then placed over your head as the helicopter flies off into the darkness.
* * * * *


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Story
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The organization that captured you & the survivors from The Tower seemingly put you into a coma, to repeatedly extract samples of the H.V. from you; so they could experiment with it, mutate it and weaponise it.
You wake up in a bed in what appears to be some kind of lab, the lights are off, but red emergency lights and the like are flashing. You work that they put you into a coma for a few months while they did their testing, though something apparently went wrong in the lab.. and that’s why you eventually woke up

You look outside your room’s window to see everything destroyed, some bodies and blood spread throughout.
You fearfully open the door to your room and leave.. You slowly walk down the darkened hall avoiding broken glass, bodies etc as the red emergency lights periodically illuminate the hall.

As you keep on walking, attempting to find Brecken and the others – you pass a few rooms, each containing some kind of special(new) infected that you’ve never seen before(as the organization had been experimenting). The rooms are dimly lit from the emerg.. red lights so you don’t get a good look at them.

EVENTUALLY you find Brecken 5 or so other Tower survivors on beds in a larger room. You manage to wake them up and you carefully make your escape out of the lab. You go outside to find yourself in the middle of a now-lifeless city.
You wander for a short time, soaking in the environment and what has become of it – when you spot a group of common/viral infected.. and vice versa! You immediately start running as the horde gives chase, running through a series of alleyways, the infected hot on your heels.

You come to the dead end, and as the infected get closer, a small group of unknown(new region) survivors intercept the infected (much like Jade did for Crane in the beginning). Once safe, they briefly question you and they then take you back to their safe zone.

From here the story progresses in whatever way – the leader of the secret organization being the person Crane needs to stop.. as it is the leaders’ intention to do this to more cities (and perhaps he does, just for the sake of new regions).

Perhaps it could all end with a stand off between Crane(who is on the brink of becoming like ‘The Mother’) & the leader. Maybe Crane tracked the leader down to his HQ where he has missiles with the H.V. ready to launch all over the world. They fight, Crane is mortally wounded – but then turns into a Viral or whatever and all but kills the leader. The leader is laughing in his final minutes of life, saying that the missiles can’t be stopped – but then Crane works out how to self destruct them all in their silo’s, saving the rest of the world at the expense of his own.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Post-Story Gameplay
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The core gameplay of Dying Light is fantastic so I would like that to stay, but for the sake of building on it..

Now that the ‘Night Hunter’ has mutated with a basic sort of awareness/intelligence(essentially being able to lead the infected), attacks on ‘Safe Zones’ should become a thing (much like what happened in the prologue). So with that in mind:

- Safe zones have a ‘survivor capacity’ which, depending on the location – can be increased as you clear more rooms/floors of any infected type thing.
- Safe zones can be ‘fortified’ with various defences and traps so that they can better withstand infected attacks. Much like weapons, you will need various resources to build/repair various defences.
- By exploring the region, you will periodically come across lone/stranded survivors, who you can bring/direct back to a safe zone.
- Safe zones can be ‘destroyed’ (as talked about further down in ‘volatile hives’)/


There will be types of survivors.

- SCAVENGERS // Automatically, they will go out during the day and scavenge resources to then bring back to their specific safe zone. You can then use these resources to help build up your safe zone.
- SCOUTS // They can keep you informed as to what’s going on in the region. Specifically, if an infected attack is imminent. E.g. “There are a large group of infected massing to the west.. they will be here soon.
- FIGHTERS // Used in defending safe zone attacks, as well as going out to ‘weaken’ the infected as they are massing for an attack.

Similar to my safe zones idea – I’d like to see more done with the Volatile Hives. Perhaps they can be more of a sort of ‘stronghold’(gathering point) which gradually increases in strength each day.. e.g. infected are drawn to it.

The region could have just say.. 12 potential volatile hive locations, perhaps only 3 being active at the beginning, and if left unchecked, they will grow in size, as well a new hive location potentially ‘activating’. When they become more dangerous, attacks on safe zones will include more dangerous infected (e.g. the demolisher, or any of the new infected) – so there will be more of a need to weaken the horde of infected when scouts tell you they are massing nearby.

The more active hive locations there are, the more frequent and ‘severe’ the infected attacks on safe zone will become.
You would be able to mount an ‘assault’ mission with a group of Fighter survivors to try and destroy these hives to temporarily minimize the threat in the region.

Maybe occasionally – there would be some kind of notification that ‘a new Night Hunter has mutated(created)’ and that becomes a special mission where you need to seek out and destroy it – otherwise a specific safe zone could be in serious danger of being destroyed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

These are most of my thoughts so far
J Hope you all like them.

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