Are Custom Imported Animated [Stationary] Objects Supported?

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Is it possible to import animated objects? Objects like the ingame outdoor umbrellas that flap in the wind.

Looking for info on file format and import/export settings, rather than the artistic side of creating assets.

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Such objects have probably cloth parts

on the mesh, maybe special bones to create the moving cloth effect.

that can be edited in the mesh part cloth script.

But idk if it’s possible to import such system in the tools with the basic fbx importer.

One thing that’s possible, is to add some material on the mesh and set the wind effect on some parts of the umbella .

like the clothes of some dead bodies are 

Moving with the wind force.

To add wind effect on a custom mesh ‘s

material, select your custom object in the tools then, open the material editor and double click on the material name then,

find the wind material effects to enable them.

Also i think the devs are using bones

to implement clothes on the mesh like this:

But bones are not exportable with the fbx plugin that we have.

Also skinned meshes or rigged meshes are not importable with this plugin,

what make impossible to animate any

custom model :(


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