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5 things Techland need fix

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Hello, I want give some idea for Be the Zombie mode. :)
Sorry for my English, it's bad.

1. Before match start, humans can use Boosters and Camouflage, and don't lost anything, it's not balanced with Hunter. Because they can rust Nest and have more advantage.
* Fix: when game start (after 3,2,1...), all abilities of Human will reset to 0 (no Camouflage, no Booster...).

2. I take a UV spit in last match, this effect will continue in next match. And it's so long times...
* Dev can reset all status of human after end match?

3. I have some abilities, if i use Booster again, it doesn't have full abilities.
* Fix: when i use a new Booster, all abilities will change to new.

4. More player using modded items in game. Example: Infinity Hook, Infinity ammo gun (with Shotgun, Pistol, SMG...), infinity Flashlight (this item can give for other players), melee weapons with cheat Element, modded flares (30 second)...
* I know this game can't detect hack tool. But Dev can add check-code with modded items. And Dev was repair "Infinity Ammo Rifle", "autocrossbow", why dev don't test with all weapons??? And why don't remove freeze Element with Goon.

5. Control Bug: Toggle Crouch change ON to OFF, i can't slide when use crouch key.


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They can't fix these without removing every single elemental to the game. Can't really fix the boosters before the match either. Flares were changed to last 25 seconds after the 4/5 update. The long sense suppressor spit can be fixed by simply sleeping in game. Devs did fix autocrossbow, it no longer works in BTZ. 


Also, the devs do have checks for modified inventory files. But that is just the files, not the weapons in game themselves that are made through cheat engine. 

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Yes! I know can sleeping in game, and sense will fix. But it can't in 2~4v1, because humans don't near team, and new hunter will join.
Auto crossbow did fix with infinity rifle, i know, but they can use SMG, Shotgun, Pistol... with unlimited ammo.

All modded items in video, i take it from some save in Ne***usmod, don't need use cheat tool. And other player can take it if i dropped.
I think datagame have code for it. If Dev can remove or block it in pvp, so good... :(

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