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PS4 - Game seems to be broken


Hello everyone, I am truly trying to enjoy PF2018, but there are still so many issues on the PS4 version it is really hard to enjoy a game with so many issues. I can confirm I'm on v1.1.

I have followed techland and sony's directions to resolve my re-occurring CE-34878-0 crash error that happens nearly every time I load up the game. In everything that I have tried, the crash still continues to happen (Reinstalled the game and updated to 1.1, rebuilt database). In the 20 or so hours I've played the game, I have also had a save file become corrupt. Luckily I'm one of those gamers who keeps multiple save files for this very reason.

I cannot seem to hire a worker on but one field I own (i still haven't purchased any additional fields from the my first farm story), so I'm stuck doing the field work on two of three fields I own. Potato farming also has issues. Once I have fully filled the harvester then offloaded the potatoes, the potatoes can no longer be harvested from that same field. Also on field machinery, most of the plows and cultivators I use don't seem to quite treat the field the way they should. They leave gaps where there shouldn't be gaps or the treated area is outside of where the machine ends and on the other side of the machine where the field should be treated it doesn't get cultivated or plowed.

I find that the fuel consumption is oddly high, even on the zetor tractors that indicate good fuel economy. I find myself in need of fuel up to twice in a 24-hour game cycle in one tractor. For one tractor specifically, the McCormick. It seems to have an oddly small fuel tank for the size and power of it. The same as the starting tractor Zetor HS 80. I promptly loaded the game after purchasing it and went with a different tractor.

There is a pig sty near the eastern trade center that you seem to own at the start of the story game. For some reason, I cannot buy any pigs for this sty. I ONLY can buy fodder, nothing else. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope the devs will read this and release another patch for the PS4 asap. I will admit I am renting this game from a certain game rental service by mail in the USA. If these issues aren't fixed soon, I will be sending this game back to enjoy a game that does not repeatedly crash and have so many issues. 

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all of your concerns have been discussed here and there are work arounds that people have found if you read the forum a little... My First Farm is set up so that YOU should do most of the work...its to get you familiar with how everything works.


An update is being released tomorrow for PS4

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