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More ps4 woes

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So after puting the game down untill its patched due to the constant crashing on ps4 and recently finding out that the crashing problem is with the Montana map i decided to give pure farming another go.

I load up free farm mode and the italian map,after about 30 mins i had no crashes and thought great,atleast i can now play the game,to only then run afoul of  2 more game breaking bugs.The first was my drone destroying my orchard when using it to check the orchards status,the second was the game somehow giving me the skip day prompt everytime i changed vehicle. Below is footage of the bugs i recorded.




Im so frustrated with this game now that im finding it hard to justify playing it even if/when it gets fixed. I feel i Wasted the 40 pound this game cost on console.

Did techland do any QA testing on the console? How can techland justify charging console players more for the game than on pc and yet give us this standard of quality?  

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