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I am trying to get 2 npcs voiced
I have followed several guides and other peoples advice and it doesn't seem to be working.
here is what i am doing..
#1. Recording the line via voice to .ogg file & putting it under data directory
#2. Placing npc in map (2 of them) I select a unique name from character drop down & also put this name in their name section
#3. I go inside the text_steam_workshop and add
String("Gursel_voice1", "yada yada yada")
#4. I open up Dialog editor
#5. I right click and click add new speaker
#6. I type in the name of the character.
#7. I right click and select insert dialog group for the speaker Gursel
#8. I type in dialog group Gursel01
#9. I click text resources and find Gursel_voice1 and drag it to use
#10. I go and click Build audio bank, under the dialog it even works when i hit the play button.

I do this and then add the quest:

            ,talk _ Gursel gursel
It then kicks it back to no such actor on map.

What am I doing wrong?

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