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Bad Blood impressions

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Hey Everyone im new in this Forum, my thoughts so far on Bad Blood:

Time will tell but either way this really isnt what I was expecting for a zombie battle royale and Im hoping they improve on it majorly before release. If it fails then at least they can just turn all efforts into making Dying Light 2 a much better game.

I think what makes it less interesting IMO is that fact that its only six players. If they increased it to at least 100 people on the entire map (which is pretty sizable and would work for battle royale), and increased the amount of zombies. This would definitely take off. Otherwise this will be DOA as soon as it released because its just not that interesting at all. I know the devs are reading this so please, please please reconsider shipping this as it is. I think you're **missing every single thing** about what makes the Battle Royale craze so popular and fun right now and if you ship this how it is, you're just wasting your time, money and resources. **Dont do this**. 

Bad blood is just kinda boring has nothing to do with BR. 

This is not battle royale, or even fun from what we've seen

Bigger map, 100 players, zone has zombies with less aggression, outside the zone zombies behave the way they do at night.

Guns should be more common.

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