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Greenhouses (PS4) Montana Map

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I've seen this was trying something to see if it would be a workaround but I haven't seen it before crops were ready.

And I have a question about "industrial greenhouses" shouldn't they give more than normal greenhouses? The only thing I think I've noticed about the industrial greenhouses is they hold more water and fertilizer and they seem to produce them faster then normal/upgraded greenhouses I would rather have them all at once about the same time the normal greenhouses work like industrial greenhouse would get me about 3-4k peppers about 3 times between normal/upgraded greenhouses I would rather have 9-10k in the same time that normal greenhouses would produce and these and we need bigger water tailers! Like one that is over 6k gals is needed for upgraded greenhouses and another that is over 12k gals that is really needed for these industrial greenhouses!

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