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Devs don't care about devtools?

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I've sent a few questions to the devs about the dev tools and they seem to ignore it.
It seems they just dump the devtools on us and not help in anyways.

3 things that i and a most dying light map makers can't figure out.

1. Making airdrops work
2. advanced scripts
3. AI driven vehicles like in the game

,drive-ai <<??>> HumanAI DriverSam
,drive <<??>> CarBuggy

I am sure this list could be expanded to 10 things easily. Dunno why they can't give us examples like these 3 things.

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1: airdrops seems really complicated to create .

So if i woul make some airdrop,

i would create a movie to move the aircraft and drop a parachute then make appear some crate with red smoke.


Because spending days to figure out

how to create live airdrops would make me waste my time.


2: ?


3: i never seen driving Ais but i didn’t finished

the following dlc so i guess it exist.

A think this they created the illusion that some ai is driving , i mean ais can’t drive

any car in this game , this would be a great feature but i guess they faked this event with some trick or movie.


Did you have a link to a video showing this?

I would be happy to see this.

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