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Where's the JCB 435S?

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1 hour ago, Deejoo said:

Only ween you Buy the Gemly Edition for PC. 

That's just wrong.  I can't understand console farmers don't get mods but not all of the standerd included equipment. Especially when they refer to it in the help sections...

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This is not wrong. look here

JCB wheel loader is a gemly exclusive content.

On Steam, you can also buy all the other additions included in the deluxe version as DLC, but also not the JCB loader.

For console players, there is no gemly edition and therefore no JCB wheel loader.

In the AMA it was said that a possibility will come, so that console players can come to the content JCB loader and orange plantation. You can find that here

Maybe you can say more about it @James Gallagher ?

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