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My suggestions some good some bad

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1   Up grade the fields make it more bigger so it get  rid off The Grass around the edge 

2  orchard n greenhouse  should not be auto  harvesting 

give us  fruit tree planters  Machines /   Machines that  harvest and pick fruit 

3 we need grass seed  Machines so we can  make grass fields 

4  give us workin parts on  Machines that work  /  indicators / beacons that flash / windscreen wipers that remove water from the windows when it rains

5 give us all the. Seed types from corn  sugar beets  carrots    Canola  sugarcane 

6 new  local business mushroom farm that  demands hey 

7 Crop destruction 

8  wildlife that will come and eat the seeds you just  planted  solution  ability to buy a scarecrow that we can pick up and down on the fields that scare away wildlife 

9  give us a working market trade in  tablet   Buy /  demand / 

10  ability to cut down  trees that we can sell for fire wood

11 new farmin building water tower we can  load and unload 

12 let us upgrade  farming equipment in the workshop 

13  Real  weather scenarios from snow thunder storms rain sun 

14  more vehicle brands in the game


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