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Mr Squealypig

Why should I pay $40 for this game...

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...when I am having more fun playing this then some $60+ games I have purchased?


I love:

-Unique crops/vehicles

-Livestock that actually ages

-Three different modes to choose from depending what I'm in the mood for


-Upgradable buildings


-Beautiful locations

-Handling of the vehicles

-Great lighting

-Really relaxing and crisp sound effects

-Mini map that helps you stay in a straight line, making plowing actually enjoyable for once

-Interesting crop sell points


And last, but not least:

-The fact that techland/iceflames are already working on resolving every issue that has been raised and adding even more content! 


I have never seen a more transparent and detailed plan of action from any other developer.


I can't wait to buy the first DLC pack. Thanks for the great game!


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Agree with all of that, and I'd add:

Real purpose for having a pickup truck.

Greenhouses with decent interactions like collecting & selling produce before it spoils

Vehicle maintenance and failures

Variety of buildings on map and appropriate sell points for produce

Interesting and engaging side missions which require you to use own equipment and product

Vehicle switching menu

Detailed farm management statistics and functionality via the tablet



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