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imprting call of juarez gunsliger assets?

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i was wondering if anyone tried / managed to import call of juarez gunslinger assets?

its a chrome engine game too after all, even if an older engine version.

i managed to unpack the coj:g rpacks and put them into the dying light devtools asset folders.

the textures are recognized perfectly, but coj seemed to have a different mesh format which is not recognized.

coj uses .Mesh, .MeshFixup, .VertexData, .IndexData, whereas dying light seems to use .msh instead.

ive never seen coj's file formats before and was unable to find anything on how to work with them... 

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coj gunslinger was on chrome engine 5.

And it seems that the msh file format have

evolved in the chrome engine 6.


So maybe this is just a few details in the msh file that are different.



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