Mosko war

details on xbox

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point one

in the outer chamber it falls short it would be good to be able to get away a little more


point two

the mirrors are retractors of the tractors are dark opaque would be good to help you out there


point 3

the turns of the tractors good of the harvesters fall short would be good to be able to turn a little more


point 4

the dashboard lights do not light and the strobe lights do not look much, it's a little poor in lighting, they might look something like that, they do not flash too much, they do not turn on.


and another detail is that hit with the person in the street and the tractor stops would be good to be able to transfer them


what happens with gasoline is very fast does not last long too fast time is the same with the seeders the product is not finished and what happens if I want to plant something else instead of wheat something else where is the option to change seeds the moment is all some loss of speed and power in the zetor is something of the details thanks good day

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