I dont now if i like the game yet

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Hello. I bought deluxe edition on my ps pro. 1st of all the graphics are disappointing. It needs more anty analysing or something to make the edges smooth/sharp. 2nd the in game time is passing too fast. 3rd after you turn your head lights on the stop light dosnt work anymore. 4rd the game crushed on me 2 times while i was live streaming. An auto save option must be applied! 5th Rabbits are growing only one day without food or water and you can sell them for double the profit. 6th i bought self propeled grass cutter and it was delivered to the farm. But the header stayed at the shop. I could not atach the trailer with the header to tractor. I had to use that grass cutter so i had to come over all the way to the shop again just to pick it up. 7th pedestrians are made from steel. After crushing to one of them your vehicle will just stop and pedestrian will disappear. It will be better if there will be no collision on them. 

Well thats it for now. I dont now what to think about the game yet. But it is sloooowwww goin

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Agree with your points regarding the graphics and time passing too fast, these would be my 2 major concerns so far, and I'm also still on the fence regarding the game overall. There are a few niggles I've found like no running lights on the starting tipper and some machinery not cleaning with the manual washer or needing to be in a very specific place to be cleaned.

However, the more I'm playing the game the more I'm liking it and judging it on its own merits rather than just comparing it to a certain other farming game.  I'm playing the My First Farm mode to start with so it was always going to feel a bit tedious as I'm not a farming beginner but I was curious about the mode and saw it as the best way to get into the way things are in this game.  

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