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An early review

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I don't like to be negative, but I do like value for money (which I am not getting at the moment).

firstly I think the game in most parts looks good and the machines drive and respond very well, also I think that the game picks up on some aspects that other simulators miss out i.e. The texture of ploughed land and vehicle maintenance. My gripes are that time moves so quickly in game also I feel that the items in the vehicle shop could have much better detail like working width and capacity, whilst I'm on the subject I noticed in the jcb descriptions it says (they are not suited to field use) is that what jcb says? It would also be nice to be able to change the units from imperial to metric,I think the addition of fuel  storage on the farm would be good. The game will require more vehicles and equipment to keep players interested.

i do like that you can switch between other farms over the world it's a nice addition, like I said it's good that the game picks up on  aspects other sims miss but I think that some of the basics have been forgotten.

before people get all critical over this I would like to say that I pre ordered a digital copy for day one and it cost £45 so I think I am entitled to a bit of constructive criticism.

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Your criticism is factual and friendly. Why should not you be justified?
They want feedback from the players so thumbs up.

For the time speed I am 100% with you and have already submitted a proposal here.

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