Mosko war

point of view of the game

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well I already tried the game and I want to give my point of view first as always the game in console is really poor in terms of graphics and performance lights on the board because they are not as pc turns because they are also very closed problems until the moment Well, if when you get on the tractor it was like crazy to turn only till you get up and turn alone I could not get off the tractor a kind of bug the sound itself is a bit bad I hope you can fix some of that as far as the options are good but I really expected to see something better I hope they can give a little more realism in consoles and not limit them so much I also realized that time passes very fast is unreal I hope they improve the time and they put it a little slower they spend the day very fast good is this a bit of how much you need to improve the story and missions are fine just missing details I hope you can hear and see this quick solutions

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