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what happens with the great variety of equipment

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James what about the great variety of equipment that once promised the whole game launched many brands and equipment tractors and endless of much more than we look at it worries me since it was or was not a true answer or was it just for hook and buy it, well even so I think it will be a good game so I already see today in videos of people who sent them the full version that is graphically fine only the vehicle is very poor there is nothing new even happens or that it will happen ???:wacko::angry:

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2 hours ago, Yourex4 said:

Game will last 40h in my opinion

I read that the My First Farm mode had a gameplay length of about 40h so I expect the free farming mode with all 5 farms to last a whole lot longer than that. Seems to be plenty of variety of things to do that aren't offered in other games so I'm still optimistic.

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