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Has anyone gotten the following items working if not can we get devs to help us out here..

1. Airdrops, I have the GameEventAirDrop on my map named airdrophere I even have a few more of them tied together location 1 - 5
in my quest i have ,actiondirector_event_start _ -event_name=airdrophere   Nothing happens. No air drop nothing happenes. any clue?

2. random encounters, I have placed Class: Encounter::SpawnPoint with name of encounter1 and in the quest script i have ,actiondirector_encounter _ -scenario_name=encounter1
nothing happens.

3. electric traps. pursuit. I even took apart the pursuit_breaker_car_a  was trying to get it to work with a switch PhysicalSwitchDI but no luck. surprised the devs didn't include more traps already built like the car one.

If i can get these 3 things working that would be awesome. Devs if you guys read these sure could use some help. Or really anyone who might know this stuff.

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