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Issue an actual Update

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I guess Techland decided to update the game via their PLS (Their server where they upload temporary files to send out to everyone's client, Hyper Mode for example) this time around instead of issuing a small update to the game. This would not be such an issue if it wasn't easily bypassed. All they have to do is simply launch Dying Light in offline mode and then reconnect. This is an absurdly easy way to bypass the current update. Players get all of the benefits from pre-patch Including; 

  1. The old Jump Attack Params: Instant kill from a van!
  2. The old values for regeneration of flares and other items
  3. The old damage mapping for 4v1, 3v1, 2v1 and 1v1. This means if you invade a 4v1 for example, and someone is using this, that specific person will deal the old damage to you regardless of your files, while others will do less damage as per the latest update. This also allows for the instant kill combo in 2v1 where you just tackle then use 2 handed. 
  4. Increased UV Light ranges in all modes
  5. Autobalance is still a thing if they do this

The only real disadvantage of this is when they play as the Hunter, they won't have the super fast resource regeneration times, larger spit radius, and faster explodes. However, they can just simply relaunch the game in online mode and have the best of both worlds. :/


Please send out an actual update with the recent changes to prevent this on both console and PC. 

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