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Earning Skills

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I noticed in the e3 stage demo that every time the player climbed an object he was rewarded with 10AP(Agility Points). The developers have said how the leveling up and earning skills is based on what you do, so if you climb you can earn Agility Points to earn more Agility skills and if you kill zombies you earn Strength Points to unlock more strength abilities. I believe this is a really good system as I'll be mainly running so then I'll only get to upgrade my running...




Is there something that has been put in place to remove point grinding such as someone finding a building that he will earn a lot of Agility Points when he climbs it and then just repeatedly climbing it and jumping off to earn points quickly and level up quickly. Is there maybe a system being used that will gradually reduce the amount of points earned from a single ability until you only earn about 1AP for example.

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