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Any way/idea how to save game in custom maps?

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Did anoyone find a way to enable any kind of saving game in custom projects?


There must be some kind of trigger, like in elevator in Tower---game was savibng each time player used the elevator. Such kind of trigger, box, zone to get in order to save game would be very helpful.



Maybe im wrong but think DevTools hwere arent so popular as in for example Skyrim, cause there is no way to make bigger stories, questlines.


There is a lot huge, nice done maps, locations whcich could be a base for bigger story, chain odf quests BUT nobody does such big quest lines cause players would have to go through them during one playing game time.

Even I would try to do sth bigger  but there is no sense if players canno't play it multiplie times, going deeper into storyline and gathering, killing zeds as long as thhey want,lvling skills, etc. What is the sense now , for example for lvling skills in such custyom game if it all will be wiped the moment I push QUIT game?


I don't know anything about programming but I believe here are many skilled people who could find out sth like that? I dont even know if it is possible, if we have access to such code of original game.

Or maybe there is already some solution for that problem?


Like many others here, I have lot of ideas, but dont see sense to waste so much time if there will be no option to save custom game= to allow slow, day by day progression and fun with one custom game,lvling character, gathering,etc.

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