Looking for Partner to help with map

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I am seeking someone to help me on the following items for my map..

1. Dialogue / movie setup
( I can provide the voice acting or if you wish to have a voice acted character yourself you are more than welcome to)
2. scripts and triggers

My Vision:
Movie plays on join (once per session)
Zombies are chasing the player then the player runs inside a building closing the door, A dialogue is triggered from an npc inside.
The npc talks to the player ( some stuff happens here)  Then it ends with the player inside this building and the npc gone.

Lots of other quests/dialogues. Rest doesn't have to be movies, just the main intro.

Fix up working safezone to include having to kill zombies inside & close the door.

possibly help with landscape to make it look more natural ( optional)

If someone just helps me with intro they will get credit for intro, If someone helps me with the rest of the stuff they will get half the credit.

Either reply or send me an email to

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