Please fix the servers

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Dying Light does not use Servers.  It Uses a Peer 2 Peer System.  That means that the first Human is the Host and any Cooperators or Hunters are Peers.  

An example would be, The Host is in Washington USA, The Cooperator is in LA USA and the Night Hunter is in Tokyo JAPAN.  This would in the majority of cases cause latency Issues. 

The only way this could be reduced is with the implementation of Dedicated Servers.  But this is very unlikely as the bulk of Dying Lights Net Code would have to be re written.  


I have one suggestion that may help to some degree and that is to make sure that You are on a Moderate or Open NAT type. "Network Address Translation" 

If either the Host or Peers have a strict NAT type this could be causing additional latency.  Google search Your Router Name + Platform + Open NAT and you should find a guide. The Method will vary depending on Router Brand. I hope this Helps. 

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On 1/29/2018 at 2:21 AM, Xx420kushlashxx said:

Every game I get into in be the zombie with my friend we have 2 to 3 bars of connection yet every hunter in the last month has had a one bar connection and is lagging everywhere please address this instead of adding new content

*Finger guns* aaahahahahahaha it don't hab servers

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