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Hello everybody i want to start a new game + on nightmare with no hud no hook but i already beat the game on nightmare so me question is are they are going to be even more powerfull (like adapting to my level) or do they stay the same as on normal nightmare ? 

+ I would like some suggestions for challange i know that this is not the most hardcore game but who care so:

Only night plays

No Hud

No hook

Only silencer from guns (no shotgun rifle) 


Weapons : from shop/loot (or only loot) 

No safe house maybe (only the main ones) 

Any good ideas ? Thanks

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On 28/6/2017 at 5:15 AM, Ninjafluff said:

So of course I love this game. However, I did see that you fine folks are taking ideas, and suggestions for things to be put into the dlc packs that are coming. I have one small request that I think would make the co-op gaming just a little more user friendly. I would love to see the passenger seat in the buggy not just support using shooting weapons. We think It would be a lot of fun to smash or cut zombie heads with melee weapons while riding passenger too. Keep the outstanding work. And it goes without saying, we all would love to see a Dying Light 2.

wtf helomoto123

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