Dear Techland, the new update for BTZ is too overpowered!!!!The humans don't have any chance of winning. Blinking the U.V light drains it fast is too overpowered, like what are we supposed to do!?! We only have two flares but the spit recharge rate is too strong, you basically spit run and spit again because of how fast the recharge rate is. And DFA height increased to 8 meters?? Are you insane!?! Just leave it how it was in the pre-patched version, look i know that your doing this to make Dying Light better but good players on all consels hate this update. Its basically promoting human players to actually play BTZ instead of human because of how overpowered the zombie is. So if you please get rid of this update that would be great. (P.S please test your own updates before you release it to the public.)