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Thanking Tecland Devs + BTZ Community

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"Finally" is what came into mind as soon as I found about the news of the recent NH update. After months of having left Be the Zombie, as a result of  what seemed like the devs abandoned such a potential gamemode, has a long awaited request been granted. THOUGH I DO WISH THE NH GROUND POUND RECOVERY TIME AFTER MISSING WOULD'VE BEEN REDUCED.

Overall, this NH adjustment was generous than i expected and I am so, so greatful to all u Techland Devs who listened, considered, and made it possible. And of course, this wouldve never happened without the # of feedback from the BTZ community! Thank you BTZ community, b/c together, we were able to pressure the Techland Devs to adjust the NH!     THANK YOU TO ALL AND I HOPE FOR THE COMMUNITY TO STAY AS ACTIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!! :)

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