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2 hours ago, Enka said:

Ok, my bad. Didn't see the x or the pro behind it.

it seems the Xbox One X is backwards compatible. It doesn't seem like this game is made specifically for that system.


the PS4 Pro does not seem to support backwards compat. Same story otherwise.

It's ok, I know both machines will run the game just fine, what I am wondering is if this game will use all the extra resources these consoles provide

Just for reference fs17 does

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Greetings - has anyone built a comprehensive Greenhouse farm and is willing to share the graphics ?    And to maybe present a webinar on how it all works ?   We are a bunch of Agritech Engineers and are keen to understand how realistic this game is ?

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good I have watched some videos of people who already have the complete game and then everything goes well in terms of nitides and graphics good at least for the pc and the only thing that disappoints is that they promised to put more brands tractors and veiculos but it is not like that they are the same and they are very few I hope to see more as they promised now it is already late because I already buy the game-_-:angry:

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I have some mistakes and suggestions for improvement

i have console PS4 and Pure Farming deluxe.

German map:

      1. Workers can not work with large appliances

      2. Field is for wheat and there is only rapeseed

montana map:

      1. Industry greenhouse produces less than the normal one greenhouse  expanded .

      2. Translation error into German ( chillie is chillie. Pepper does not exist / pepper its paprika in german)

Now a few suggestions

   more price differentials  for sale  and a chance to watch the prices.

  I bought a lot because there are no good games with wine. like the old game vermeer.

  different varieties of wine for planting, to produce different species, Store in bottles or barrels

Change of field info, which species grows better , At 24 minutes a day, you can not just click on each box to know which variety is the best.

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My thought is this a good game but there has not been any activity for this game for sometime, so my question is what will be the future of Pure farming in 2019, or was this just a one time only game idea my the creators? Will there be a new farming game coming out with real mods? There should be US currency for the future farming game or a chance to choose what currency you want in game. The game should be more realistic an not too cartoonie....An I speaking for Xbox an ps4 what will be the future of this franchise going into 2019, i heard alot of promises when the game was released then nothing after a few years gone by

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