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How to make box trigger connected to sound emitter?

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Hello Again,

I've got a problem with connecting trigger to sound emitter once. I want to make an area connected to sound emitter. When player will walk into this area, sound emitter will play sound once. I tried to use invisible switch DI but nothing works. When I used physical switch DI it worked perfectly, but I want area when player is in this area, the sound plays immediately.

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use a boxobjectenabler linked to a sound

marker that will enable the sound emitter.

Search for the boxobjectenabler into the assets data or add a sensor then change

his class (on top of the attributes window)

into boxobjectenabler.


Can ´t remember exactly the easy way

to do this but check the stranded map

where you see long vertical sensor boxes

that activates falling sound when the player falls inside the box.


To check other user maps in the tools, 

subscribe to the map then, load the tools

and in the first window where you choose

your project, browse for the map and install it in the tools then load it and you can see how things were made exactly.


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ok I found boxobjectenabler but I Can't link sound emitter to it. I can't add emitter by clicking right mouse button with ctrl key, and there is no option to add this parameter to boxobjectenabler. Am I doing something wrong? In boxobjectenabler I'm trying to add emitter to "when local player enters the area it will activate something" (I can't remember exactly quote) but nothing works.

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