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Hello, Techland I had owned your game DyingLight:Enhanced Edition The Following for Xbox One and I was wondering if there was a way for me to get normal Dying Light for free on PC like some code or something to put into steam for it. Because I was wanting to play it on PC since I no longer have it on Xbox One and don't own one anymore I went to a 360 and played Dead Island and loved it . But I am far more concerned on how to get DL for free but for PC since I already had a previous copy for it on xbox one but I only ask for a normal one my steam name is youneedsomemialk or tvpuncherbrecken thank you for your time.

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3 hours ago, Cypherics said:

There is no way to get it for free on other platforms, don't worry I've bought the game on console twice and once on pc and all DLC On all versions lol.

Thank you again you are super helpful!

I recently gotten Tehclands Dead Island Riptide and I enjoy it but it wasn't with my money a friend got it for me for Christmas hope you have a great Christmas and a lovely new year thanks so much man if you want to friend me on steam and ever play dead island riptide you can add me under the name youneedsomemialk or TvpuncherBrecken

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