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On 12/21/2017 at 4:36 AM, CartierC said:

a 2gb update and 2 hand weapons are still OP in 2v1 lol NICE

That was a Techland update, they handle the single-player content. Digital Scapes, a different studio, handles the PvP-stuff, so I wouldn't expect the silencer update to bring any changes for us.

Have faith in Gallagher, if he left his own band to become a game developer then he must be dedicated.


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Why are folks giving up their hard earned experience for nothing? Isn't this kind of topic/subject meant for testers who usually get paid? :lol: Knowing some of you guys from playing, you'd never give up your nests/lives for nothing.

I kid of course. What a remarkable community effort and what generous Christmas advice for Techland. ;)

Now I'll weigh in with some worthless 2 cents just to balance things out a little.

Minor bothers of late are:

encounters where folks who are modding pak and using trainers etc. not being up front with their experimentation in public. Untrained eyes and inexperienced folks won't be able to spot the red flags, particularly of more sophisticated modding, that lead them to poor/impossible user experiences. I've seen members of all major groups up to such things, so Techland as well as group organizers could perhaps be more vigilant of such a fact, which makes play less fun for folks who have neither time nor inclination to play in such fashion + reflects badly on the larger group. 

Getting rid of DFA has been an issue popping up in my games. On the fence on this one because its one of the funnest mechanisms in the game, even if I'll grant that in certain situations it's op. Say a hunter is learning the ropes against 4 survivors. And yet an accurate prediction of a sophisticated hunter's moves deserves a reward. Removing/reducing it would provide less incentive for survivors getting their feet wet with the game mode.

In addition to this, most of the measures suggested here benefit veterans and players with experience. As a more casual player who opens their lobby to the public merely to burn time, uninterested in social stuff, competitions, and reputation; I'd like weaker survivors to be less of a liability because I don't enjoy kicking people for lack of experience and I don't enjoy losing streaks because I play publicly either. Indeed, perhaps more fundamental aspects of the game could be looked at, but for that I want cash up front! :lol:

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