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Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

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Hey everyone,

I’ll get to the point: We hear that many of the top Be the Zombie players think it could be better balanced. We want to make things better, but first we need to properly understand what changes you want to see.

So we want your input on the overall balancing of BtZ.

Below I’ve listed some of the variables that determine the balance of BtZ. These are things that we can either decrease or increase without necessarily needing to release a new patch.

We’d like you to reply on this thread with:

  • The top three things you think we should increase.
  • The top three things you think we should decrease.

I appreciate that you will have other suggestions for bigger changes or additions but please, for the time being, stick to what we’ve laid out here. It will really help us get a clearer picture of how you feel about BtZ.

Thank you for your input and your support.

Here are the variables:


UV Flashlight

  • Damage to Night Hunter
  • Duration
  • Cool down time


  • Cool down time

Drop attack

  • Height required
  • Grab radius (how close to the NH you need to be to land a Drop Attack)

Grappling Hook

  • Stamina cost
  • Cool down time



  • Tackle
  • Ground Pound
  • Claw


  • Effect duration
  • Cool down time

UV Block

  • Effect duration
  • Cool down time


(Note: damage to Night Hunter and damage to Nests are separate variables).

  • Short knife
  • One-handed
  • Small two-handed
  • Large two-handed
  • Dropkick
  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Arrows
  • Crossbows

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Thanks for this thread.



The top three things you think we should increase.


- Toxic effect during DFA/increase DFA animation time so human stays longer in toxic. What grinds hunters gears? Animation camping, specially after iTackle was removed. Those unavoidable deaths - just because one survivor had enough patient to sit top of lamp post for 10 seconds. And brave enough to jump down on locked hunter. Yes theres ways not to get under DFA bombardment-bait - but hunters energy limitation (I like to think it as ticking clock) sets certain limitations to drive off the campers all over again.

When hunter feels like dfa is coming and he cant counter-tackle, he should have chance to take survivor with him with quick toxic-spit. Main idea is not to actually get the kill, usually toxic deaths lead to human revive anyway if hunter isn't around, but it would give NH one way to delay humans trip to nest. Nowadays hunters shoot horde-spit and pray for telebombers when they feel like they are getting rained from above. Sometimes toxic too but it wont kill human unless hes low on HP.

This one is problematic because toxic is very strong currently and imo shouldn't be any stronger on normal gameplay. Thats why dfa animation time increase-suggestion.


- DFA height required. Got quite few wtf-moments with this one. Sometimes dfa just triggers out of nowhere on very low drops.

I'd like to see the day when DFA is hard maneuver and indication of high skill or something, now it just feels so ez trick.


- Manual firearms damage. Im lazy and just quote myself: "I'd really like to get slow manually loaded firearms buffed. E.g. I love double barrel shotgun (dat reloading sound) but against Night hunter its like bb-gun. If successfully clearing both barrels to NH would correnspond somewhere near bows single hit damage, it would be good alternative to crossbow."




The top three things you think we should decrease.


- Amount of autobalance. It just feels so wrong. As I've said before; I rather lose like winner than win like loser.

- Claw damage is at good state. I like the knockback too. However occasionally I feel like Im forced to use the NH-booster to survive from insane damage done by double-claw glitch (I really like pyza-suit). So decrease amount... of claw-glitching? On the other side I try to understand why hunters do it and why they find it justified: NH is just powerless af against good team. And most players seems to use booster by default.

- Damage on 1v2(?). I have very little NH-experience, but as survivors eyes something feels really wrong in this setup. It feels unfair compared to 1v1/3/4. E.g. if both survivors know what they are doing, its not hard job to instakill hunter after single missed tackle.

Nothing else, maybe? Guess I'll get back to this later.


36 minutes ago, Matt2K said:

omfg noob hunter kys

:D +rep ok

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Damage and values is far from what's imbalanced about your PvP. I realize you asked us to stick to what you wrote, but those variables are something that would be suited for a fine-tune when the PvP is almost balanced and needs just a few tweaks to make it perfect. You need a few fundamental changes before changing values.

Here are some of the facts pretty much every seasoned player that knows both Survivor and Hunter inside-out agrees with:


1. Dropkick and Death From Above in team games are completely broken, exploitable and unfair. This is by far the #1 thing that makes facing a team a nightmare even for the best Hunters, let alone ones that don't have much experience. Being punished for failing an animation is one thing, being punished for succeeding is bad design. It does not matter whether you manage to Tackle someone or he evades - you either get Dropkicked or die instantly either way. 

2. Medkits on Hard and Nightmare are massively exploitable as well. Combined with Night Hunter booster, it can take up to 10 melee hits to kill a single Survivor. That's unreal.

3. Autobalance. Everyone knows it, everyone hates it - an artificial way to make both sides happy, usually failing. It promotes sloppy play and actually makes it more likely for the better player to lose. Unfortunately, it's understandable why Digital Scapes have been reluctant to remove it - while it's frustratingly annoying on competitive level, it would make for fun and intense games between casual players. An easy solution would be to remove the feature just from Nightmare difficulty, where most veterans play.

4. Team games. 1v1 is by far the most balanced game mode. Two players of equal or comparable skill will always find themselves in a close match, even despite autobalance - that is how it should be. Now, adding in more Survivors? That's when it starts getting ridiculous, especially 2v1s and 4v1s:

 - 2v1: A Survivor's strength is basically doubled and has a whole new set of options with a teammate by his side. Meanwhile, the Hunter is... exactly the same as if it were a 1v1, save for some insignificant cooldown reductions? Not a fair trade no matter how you look at it, 2v1s are simply a matter of the Hunter being weaker and not having enough of an arsenal to effectively combat the duo. 

- 4v1: No matter what I say it will not be enough for this. You do one attempt of an attack? Bam, you're dropkicked away. Try again? Bam, DFA'd. This mode is basically the Hunter getting straight up abused by animation exploiting - again, it does not matter whether you succeed or fail a melee attack, you're screwed either way. Oh, and good luck getting 4 Survivors with those 2 spits you have that last 18-30 seconds, if you even hit anyone. Words cannot express how unfair 4v1s are.

5. Energy drain. Supposedly the most powerful infected cannot remain in combat for 5 seconds (2 if you're winning) without being turned into a cripple. This has always bothered me.




I'll be as helpful as possible and do what you originally asked:

Top 3 things to increase:

1. UV light cooldown

2. DFA height requirement*

3. Spit duration


Top 3 things to decrease:

1. UV light intensity

2. Spit cooldown

3. DFA grab range*


* Note that I don't believe that is the accurate way to balance Dropkick and Death From Above. In my opinion, a simple immunity to DK/DFA after a successful animation of your own would be the perfect way to easily and effectively remove the most imbalanced thing about this PvP. If not that, then maybe a new ability that counters them, though I realize that would take more work and resources to implement. Either way is fine, just... don't leave it like this, please. End this animation exploiting once and for all.


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Vallon makes some good points.

I'll add 2 things: crossbows are ridiculously OP especially in 4v1. Anyone with a good aim in a 1v1 can abuse it too. So nerf that.

And; wtf is this new lightning-fast-uv-heal update ? The thing now takes like 1 second, it's so cheat. Old one was good imo.

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Night Hunter lover with a terrible english speaking:


Sadly you can only adjust variables, this wouldn't change how unfair is to be the Night Hunter facing a single pro human, infinitelly more unfair against 4 pro humans. Some mechanics makes the battle very unfair.

 • Well, start by increasing the Night Hunter HP drastically. A special mutant to die with two hits is ridiculous. The humans should be concerned about destroying the nests, but they hunt the Night Hunter instead.

 • The UV Flashlight range is too large and the refil time when the battery is over is too fast

 • If the human stand over a light pole, he becomes invincible. That's why the Night Hunter common hit damage should be increased and also have a chance to push the human down.

 • All human cooldowns should stop while he's inside water/swimming (he could keep being able to use his stuff)

 • Edit the horde spit so it can attract the horde to that area even if the spit don't hit any human. We currently wait a lot to have the spit ready and when the Night Hunter finally hit him, all the human have to do to avoid this move is hang somewhere like a light pole or jump in the water and wait;

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Oh! One more thing! PLEASE remove magnet cars, tents, trashcans.....i mean add an option in the settings to turn the effect off. It is SO annoying. Example: hunter has no energy, human above it. Hunter is baiting waiting for human to jump to activate uv shield and tackle. Me, smart human. I jump and strafe back to the roof, but as i try to reach for the roof (and hunter has uv shield on already, so my trick worked) a magnet tent - 10 meters behind me, 25meters below me - pulls me and the hunter can tackle me for free...OH HELL NOOooOoOOo!!!

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I forgot another important thing:

- Currently, evading a Tackle is a guaranteed 40% HP loss if against a wall, or a guaranteed 80% HP loss if on flat surface, without counting the unavoidable DK and DFA in teams. This would maybe be fine... if Tackles weren't so easy to dodge spam out of. Hunters need some sort of an alternative that would at give them a chance to escape the damage at least once in a while, just like the Survivor missing a dropkick - sometimes, if you notice in time and react accordingly, you get a free Tackle or Ground Pound, but sometimes you don't, and by the time you act the Survivor has already hooked away and escaped punishment, which takes a split second.

Tl;dr: A way to sometimes avoid the currently guaranteed damage after a Hunter's Tackle is evaded.

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And also, we have created the largest PvP group for Dying Light here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Mutation4

If you're interested in seeing our rules to how we balance our matches. God tier seemed very well balanced in our first tournament, however top tier was one sided with a total of 12 matches and hunters only winning 2 of those matches.


The difference is that God tier humans had a fixed amount of medkits and flares as well as no HUD while Top tier humans didn't have much rules at all.

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One more thing.

Telebombers, nobody likes them. Even for me as a hunter, I'd rather not get free kills. If a bomber spawns on a roof top, I can live with that but when a bomber comes flying at me at the speed of light, ridiculous.



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Hey everyone, thanks so much for your feedback so far. I haven't been replying to each of you because right now we just want to gather the feedback and listen to what you have to say.

But everything will, of course, be taken into account and we'll keep you updated on what happens next.

Thanks again for all the support of our game.

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I agree with most of the things stated above.

As of the game as it is now, here are my opinions on current situation of mechanics listed above:

- It's great to finally have asymmetric flares, but certain situations leave one or the other side at a little advantage, don't get me wrong this change was required to balance modes 3v1,4v1 to prevent excesive abuse of flares, but in 2v1 if 1 survivor dies as the other throws his flare while his UV is disabled there is pretty much no hope for that guy, unless he jumps into water to live a while longer. Now we're coming to the topic of the uv light - make the regen time after it's fully drained a bit longer, it's too short as of right now and 95% of the time a decent survivor is able to shake the hunter off. As for the UV light damage I'd say it's fine as it is now UNLESS autobalance kicks in, it's just so unnatural and unfair, on the longer run it just feels like supporting bad players for lacks in the skill department and allow to win them crazy games - I'm sure we all know when we play a 4v1 from time to time flawless game almost 'till the last nest it takes about 20 seconds to regen spits and uv blocks for the hunter not to mention how long you need to shine hunter to get him even to half of his stamina. My suggestion about autobalance is to remove  it completely, I'd rather lose like a loser, because I have not earned it through the fight than win by help of the game, it doesn't feel as it should.

- Now for the dropkick and Death from Above... No matter how we love them at times as life saviors as survivors, we all hate them as the night hunter. It's a very cheap move to by survivors some time. Don't get me wrong it's a game mechanic, but it wasn't intended to be initiated at any point even in the middle of the dropkick. Maybe add an ability to NH to bounce DFA-attempting humans off the hunters back-spikes for a cost of 1-uv block which wouldn't make survivors this confident of this attack in team games. I've played several games against same survivors in groups and I can say that DFA helps too much in it's current state. As for the dropkick, not only it looks cool but allows human to catch you with DFA mid flight, which I bet wasn't intended. Dropkick if used smart can change certain scenarios, but as it is now, it's just like second DFA, spam it to ensure cheap victory - by that I mean dropkick chains - we all know how it always takes 3 dropkicks to kill hunter 1v1-4v1 which is ridicolous if you consider how many times you have to hit a human under a influence of medkit and Night Hunter booster. Personally I'd allow hunter that is on the ground some sort of ability to dodge/block the dropkick - since human can spam space and blatantly dodge all incoming tackles, why can't hunter dodge some of his attacks too? +I'd make every consecutive dropkick take less and less of hunters health if it isn't as simple to solve.

- Grappling hook is fine as it is now. A smart players can use it very well to his advantage, altough I'd add some sort of detection to modified ones in the game and force them to behave the exact same way as the only obtainable in-game grey grappling hook. Since DFA monkeys are all over the place there has to be way to limit their easy access to DFA spots - which would greatly help hunter because as we all know team games nowadays 3v1, 4v1 is just 1 player working as a bait and 3 monkeys above holding M1 ready to jump up on you.

- Tackle is fine as it is now damage wise is fair, but I'd implement a mechanic to the game that if human gets attacked by hunters tackle, it would stop his healing process for about 3-4 seconds. Claws are fair as we know also the existance of tendrill claws negates boosters in a way, but from what I've heard the booster isn't ment to SAVE YOU FROM THE FINISHER from a claw, but it does it what it feels like all the time allowing players to escape. As for the groundpound... All regarding it as of right now is fine to me, a small tweak towards the return of gp-spit would be welcomed since not everybody has a good PC to aim all of his spits nor counter dodge spammers + most of console community quit hunting since the hitboxes of spits are so wanky and unnatural at times what seems like my spits go right through survivors chest and never connect to them when they should have - in return they slice me from miles away with massive melee hitboxes even when I fight people with perfect connection quality to me. Also requested return of "instant tackle" (by some) since it was not intended Pete Donelly said and takes "0 skill to pull out" then telebombers take a lot of skill, right? There was nothing wrong with it was avoidable 80% of the time, the remaining 20% is a situation underneath a wall. Personally I'd just add the feature back to the game as actual hunter skill to the tree, but make it less annoying - that is make it deal 0 damage and work mainly on airborne targets which would allow to counter abuse of DFA. Of course, don't leave it without any cooldowns, some short cooldown to prevent abuse of iTackle would be welcomed.

- Now for the spits and uv blocks, thing crucial to kill most of the survivors have an abysmal regen time. If the regen time of spits can't be tweaked, just make them simply last longer, which would force some teamwork between people affected by the spit and not affected by it. Same goes for UV blocks, I don't understand why thing that allows hunter to barely make it out alive at most of scenarios has the same regen time as spits, I'd make uv blocks required faster since survivors like to do cheap stuffs like draining stamina of the hunter to 0, throwing a flare and then either throwing a 2 hander or DFA'ing him to secure some time.

Now finally to the weapons/firearms balancing. 1 handers are fine for 1v1,2v1,3v1 and 4v1, heavy 2 handers on the other hand... I know it's a weapon ment to dish out punishment but dying to it is just frustrating since some people just simply abuse them. Knifes and rest is fine. Firearms tho on the other hand... How about implementing a mechanic to make different firearms do different damage values at certain situations. For example all pistols do now around 6 DMG per shot that is revolver, german pistol and american pistol. Since they take a bit of different time to reload and have more/less bullets why not design some sort of "caliber" mechanic that is revolver is high-powered round to it would de 10-12 dmg to the hunter, german one 7-9 dmg points and american as it is now 6 due to ammo capicity.

Now to the topic of Crossbows and bows. Those were very frequently used in invasions, but were only effective at certain circumstances. As of right now both are capable of 3-shooting NH if shot to the head which is more dependent on luck than anything. For some reason in the current state poison bolts do what they do, stun bolts do more dmg than impact ones and somewhat proc impact(? - that's very strange) and impact bolts have no impact effect on the night hunter. +The elemental damage nerf on nests was and still is kinda irking. Hate it or not, but it allowed to kill nests stupidly fast at times and was required to limit fire + explosive combo which I would Completely write off the code of the game since people love it to get easy wins - 4 people using it at times makes nest a joke. +Annoying chupacabra explosive arrows. They were ment to deal dmg to hunter only when he sits still and gets caught in the radius, not to carry with him mid air which is super frustrating and stupid at times. I'd limit the amount of explosions from the arrow to 1 to make it more fair.

PS. Fix those god damn telebombers, spawns on roof are fair but not to see a yellow suit fly over to you and shred you into pieces. I'm sure that it's not this hard to patch.


Now all more arguments shortened and simplified as mr. James wants them:

Top 3 things to increase:

1.UV light regen time

2. DFA height requirment and precision

3. Spit duration and detection.

Top 3 things to decrease:

1. DFA/dropkick grab range and damage with consecutive hits(dropkick only)

2. Spit and uv block cooldown

3. UV light effectivness with autobalance

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As per your Request;

Top 3 Values To Increase

•UV Light Cooldown (Primarily in 3v1 and 4v1)

•Drop Attack Height Requirement

•Spit Duration


Top 3 Values To Decrease 

•Drop Attack and Dropkick Range and Angles

•Spit and UV Block Regen Timers

•The Intensity of the UV Light (Primarily in 4v1 since it will literally take about 3 to 4 seconds to drain completely)


I agree with LucasK, CartierC, and Vallon on most of their points. The main issue is the animation abuse, its pretty much unavoidable and just buys the humans time. I believe the instant tackle should be added back but as a skill and it should have a cooldown as LucasK stated.

2 Handed Damage in 2v1 has been rediculous since Instant tackle was patched. You are almost guaranteed a death everytime after a failed tackle and there is nothing you can do aside from try to escape or instantly ground pound. Insta tackle helped reduce the 2 handed damage in 2v1 thanks to the animation damage reductions. But since iTackle was removed, its pretty much instant death vs good players in 2v1.


I also like the idea for the spikes on your back skill that was proposed to help reduce humans trying to Drop attack. It makes the humans play more cautious and it would get the point across that dfs camping isnt always rewarding. 


EDIT: Also the combined elementals of Fire and Explosive need to be removed. Fire 3 + exploding stars destroys one spawn in like 3 seconds. If you do this you can increase elementals damage on nests and reward players for combing elementals.

Examples including; 

•Electricity + Water does slightly more damage to nests

•Freeze + Impact would slightly increase damage to nests 

•Poison + Shock would slightly increase damage to nests

I dont mean slightly as in destroy nests in under 6 seconds but moreso just add a small damage increase for doing combos on nests. It rewards players for doing combos essentially but wouldnt put the Night Hunter at too much of a disadvantage. 

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On 13.12.2017 at 7:44 PM, Vallon said:

2. Medkits on Hard and Nightmare are massively exploitable as well. Combined with Night Hunter booster, it can take up to 10 melee hits to kill a single Survivor. That's unreal.

100% agree with this. Its bit weird I havent seen it getting more attention inside community. Its just ridicilous that in some cases autoheal is even more powerful than instaheal. NH booster as it is fine by me, but as said, combined with constant healing its really messed up.

Even tho effect lasts only 1 minute, survivors can always shoot that new impact bolt to ground, heal and enjoy the constant HP flow. Why healing process even keeps going characters health is already full? LucasK's suggestion to stop healing process for about 3-4 seconds after hunter attack sounded good too.

I think I found good record to prove the point:




- 3 tackles

- 2 ground pounds

- 1 claw

Total 6 succesfull attacks done inside ~14 seconds to take down player whos in healing state. Imagine the pain against team. And without that luck.
Don't get me wrong, I dont want hunter to be super predator who can take down humans like nothing without any need to even use spits. But make it bit more doable without need to abuse any glitches.



On 14.12.2017 at 11:04 AM, CartierC said:

I'm a firm believer that anyone playing on Nightmare mode should lose their HUD and start with a fixed amount flares and medkits when an invasion is activated.

Man kick me out of MT4 but have to say this: I like the immersion, atmosphere and challenge HUDless view gives on 1v1 and 1v/2. In team games (1v3/4) I never got used to that seeing teammates is harder and harder further the match progress and darkness falls. In team games I find crucial to see what my mates are doing or just find em when they die.

I'd like if human characters were bit more visible and could be seen with survivor sense. Or make some special outfit that pops out better in pitch black (glowing outfit with more glow).

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first off THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY LISTENING TO US. its nice to know that someone is going to do something about the balance of this game. 

most of the suggestions are already stated, except maybe that grapple hook animation cancel.

maybe you could decrease the range of the tackle and make it harder to pull off. you could also prevent mid air drop kicks, or prevent humans from dropkicking after they failed a dfa. 

main things in notice when i invade-

humans are spamming. whether it be dfa, dropkick, or crossbow humans always seem to be spamming something. decrease reach of dropkick, dfa pls james

humans are dupers/250 lgnd rank. duping has become a rather common medium in the world of dying light and 99.99% of ultimate survs arent legit. sure, maybe they climbed all the way up but they did it with 9999 meds or 9999 flares, etc. decrease amount of meds/flares/etc that humans can carry (maybe weight limit??)

exploitings/cheap moves/hacks? exploiting the grapple hook has become very common, for example swinging a two hander + grapple hook to cancel animation after damage is done + tackle = death for hunter. ive noticed now that if you time a grapple hook just right a hunters ground pound is rendered useless since the human is in the air. remove ability to use grapple hook when swinging an axe/ after human took damage. maybe prevent humans from using grapple hook if spit stuck?

autobalance. already been stated above. remove entirely

pretty much sums up for invading as hunter, now human turn.

general spam. when the hunter invades, there is pretty much only two ways to kill humans. medium range, and close range. hunters close range attacks consist of: tackle, gp, claw, toxic spit. medium attacks consist of: pounce, horde/uv/sense spit. hunter is too predictable, making it easy for humans to take advantage of it. the consequence of this is spam. when i join a lobby as a hunter, i find my self doing the exact same thing every time, for example gp + uv spit + uv heal = human death. or perhaps shoot uv spit at human, miss, tackle to prevent human from getting away due to animation, uv heal, death. increase the skills for hunter. 

generally very boring. because of the predictability of the human and hunter, nothing new ever happens. sure, some close matches are held but none of them are actually entertaining. just take a look at any montage of dying light. human runs around, gets a couple dfa, maybe some aim assisted crossbow kills but thats it. probably the main reason dying light is dying (pun intended). increase the amount of humans per lobby or hunters per lobby


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I guess I'll have a stab at this discussion.



1: Gun Damage - Guns feels like peashooters when up against a hunter as they deal tiny amounts of damage. It really shouldn't make sense that a revolver should deal 6 damage, or even an assault rifle. Even shotguns at close-to-medium range are terrible. Now I don't want it to become like Call of Duty, or have the Semi-Auto shotgun act like it was when it was first released, but buffing guns to their respective type would be nice.

2:Unused Equipment - Equipment such as the shield lost became unusable after the following dlc came out and patched it. Its more of a hindrance seeing as it leaves you incredibly vulnerable to tackles, ground pounds, and even pounces. You can't even dodge with this thing and it is very easy to manipulate a shield user. Molotovs also suffered the same fate as they were exploitable, but having a huge nerf to where the there is a massive cooldown for each molotov and having it do no damage is not the right way to balance things. All this plus Grenades, all throwing stars and firecrackers, would be nice if they were tweaked to be usable as well.

I'm a person that likes variety instead of having to use the same things 24/7.

3: Crossbow - Now I do believe I am biased on this (please call me out), but I think the Crossbow should be buffed and the Impact bolts deal its normal damage from before. Having to shoot a hunter who uses tendril sprint 24/7 is difficult considering its a projectile weapon, and with the Hunter now has it makes it not an ideal weapon to even use against Hunters, and the headshot "bonus" is not even worth it in the long run and should be reverted back to normal. Landing a headshot before meant dealing a massive amount of damage as it took skill hit a tiny hit-box. Now two solutions I had in mind is revert the crossbow back to normal 1/3rd it dealt in 1v1, but anything past 1v1 will decrease its damage. Solution two is have it deal damage depending on how far the bolt has traveled. Lastly to remove the range limit for the bolts. The Crossbow bolts travel to about 50 meters before completely disappearing whereas the Bow travels infinitely and you can still collect the arrows from 300 meters.


1: Drop Attack - I love this move alot. It is incredibly satisfying to pull off, but even I can admit the BS with this move, and agree with everyone else to increase the range of when this move triggers. I should not be able to sit upon one of the short houses in Slums or even a Van in order to pull this move.

That is pretty much it for humans for me. I rarely ever play with people so I can't think of anything else, especially on team fights :/.


(This is mostly from a 1v1 perspective as, again, I rarely play with people as Survivor. I'm just by myself)

As it stands I think Hunter is fine as it is and I honestly can't think of nothing to increase except maybe his respawn time. It does feel like a bit long minus the autobalance.

As for decreasing I would slightly nerf the range of tackle as there are times where the range gets ridiculous.

Things I want Fixed and Added

  •     Telebombers - this has been an issue for a very long time and has not been resolved. I do not understand why as it is pretty unfair for something like that to happen as it gives a clear advantage. Also there are times where bombers can climb when it clearly states they can't so a fix for that would be nice.
  •     AutoBalance - Everyone here has pretty much said it; its broken and unfair. The respawn times can get ridiculous as just as a Survivor is winning and kills a spawn the Hunter gets back. Spamming spits and uv shields is poor way to influence Night Hunter gameplay as its pretty much "Oh I can spam until I get lucky, and his UV light only cuts my energy to half." Another issue with autobalance is the amount of zombies to deal with. In a 1v1 its too much for one person to have a goon, a bunch of virals, and a Night Hunter to worry about. Goons and virals can stun the Survivors which can lead to unfair kills. Just remove autobalance and the goons.
  •     Matchmaking - I don't know if its just me, but I am paired with players who just started the game or are not equal to my rank. There are also times where there is no one to find at all between the thousands of players in the Night Hunter matchmaking. Fixing this would be nice.
  •     Remove the Tendril-Claw  - I understand that the healing is unfair, but doing this is even more so as it does alot of damage, and makes the player unable to attack at all.
  •    https://youtu.be/X3yOEMH4STY?t=840  At this time the Hunter engages two players and manages to tackle one of them, and immediately does a second tackle. That is unfair since there is nothing he can do. From what I know this happens when the Survivor is tackle up against a wall and the Hunter is still in his face.
  •     Adding a huge amount of resources to the reward pool would be nice.
  •     The limited time rankings should be a permanent thing and added. Something like Overwatch where their ranks continue.

Lastly I just have one question. Is it possible for you to issue game bans to cheaters? Many of us here can record and provide screenshots, and have mentioned cheaters before with links to their profiles with screenshot and/or video proof. I would not mind sending information about cheaters, but is the point if they get to roam free without gamebans.

Overall thank you James for taking the time to talk with us and listening.


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13 hours ago, Hank J. Wimbleton said:
  •     Remove the Tendril-Claw  - I understand that the healing is unfair, but doing this is even more so as it does alot of damage, and makes the player unable to attack at all.
  •    https://youtu.be/X3yOEMH4STY?t=840  At this time the Hunter engages two players and manages to tackle one of them, and immediately does a second tackle. That is unfair since there is nothing he can do. From what I know this happens when the Survivor is tackle up against a wall and the Hunter is still in his face.

The only case where these two changes should be implemented is if:

- Health regen from medkits is somehow drastically nerfed

- Animation camp and abuse is removed (DK and DFA when the Hunter performs pretty much anything)

Otherwise they are actually needed, as imperfect ways of dealing with overpowered ''tactics'' (medkit spam is way, way worse than Ghost Claw, by the way).

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On 12/14/2017 at 2:26 PM, LucasK said:

Personally I'd allow hunter that is on the ground some sort of ability to dodge/block the dropkick - since human can spam space and blatantly dodge all incoming tackles, why can't hunter dodge some of his attacks too? +I'd make every consecutive dropkick take less and less of hunters health if it isn't as simple to solve.

As LucasK stated, I feel as if dropkick should be able to be dodged. Ive done some tinkering with the game files on occassion and you can actually give the hunter the dodge move that humans have as well as the lookback skill which lets you tendril backwards. 

The Night Hunter should be able to learn dodge which would allow for evading dropkicks if timed correctly. 

Dodging Right - Hunter uses his claws to push the humans legs to the left

Dodging Left - Hunter pushes humans legs to the right

Dodging Back - Hunter jumps over survivor and pushes their legs down. 

Dodging would cause 0 damage to the Humans and Humans would not have the recover state like if you missed a dropkick. Either no recovery so no one is stuck in an animation or the recover animation would be fast enough for the hunter to escape but not fast enough for the hunter to have immunity to getting hit with a weapon. 

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To reduce the power and the radius of attack of the half volley of 50 to 30 it is not logical to be able to kill a zombie in 3 kick
Lower the range and be able to dodge the half volley
Increase claw damage
The damage of the tackle is correct do not touch it however this attack is still less powerful than the famous half volley and it is not normal especially since the tackle is too easy to dodge unlike the half volley
The offer also that the uv torch does not remove endurance zombie
But what prevents all the same the zombie to dive without removing stamina it would be a good idea
I do not think it is useful to improve the mucus however a small buff at the level of the blast radius would not be too bad
Increase the temp of human resuscitation and the time to heal too short for me given the slight damage of the hunter a human having duplicated his kit is almost immortal!

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Here is something that has frustrated me all day, when you get a spike kill and the hunters view stays locked on the human while there's another human still alive. If the tackle knock back wasn't there, I'd have been dead or if it was ground, I would have been DFA'd. My biggest suggest to balance the game is to remove AUTOBALANCE but also reduce hunters animations. Maybe let a few of us test the gameplay for you. :P


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I agree with Vallon, most idea:

- UV light intensity

- UV light cooldown

- DFA height requirement

- Dropkick damage or cooldown

- In Normal mode, remove instant Heal or cooldown 10~15s with it

- A human can recovery HP although he have full HP (Nightmare Mode). It's like a Hunter fight with a Human have 275HP + 50HP (auto recovery). Fix it: recovery heal will end if a human full HP.

- And Dev can add check-code modded item in-game? I see more player using Golden Flares (Modded Flares with 30s), Weapons with max element (Fire lvl 4, Freeze lvl 3, Poison lvl 4...), Infinity Grappling Hook, Infinity Ammo (Guns), Guns with element...
Or set it no-damage when online mode active (Hunter joined).

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