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So, would like to tell what really isnt enough in our favorite game.

1.Toggle HUD

I like playing without hud, for deep immersion. But sometimes, during the game i need quickly turn on the hud. For example when i need to know what i loot from dead man. Do it through the main menu very long and very inconveniently for players like me. So, we need fast toggle hud.

2.Ability to look at the watch on hand.

Yes, we need that ability. It will be good gameplay feature. And i think its not hard to realize, because there is already a mod from nexusmods. But i want that this ability in the game by default.


Would be cool, if devs paid more attention to guns. Maybe add to the game revolver from a pre release screenshots. Or add some sniper rifle  And add ability to use silencer for guns, it will make gameplay much more interesting. Also, want to ask why enemy's heads(except infected) blow up from shots by fireamrs. How to explain it?

3. Outfits

We need more variaty. Gas masks, hoods, goggles, ski masks(balaclavas) and other interesting things. Respectable developers
, when i see two gloves on my hands. It is very painful for me to see only one glove. Please add some outfits with two gloves, thank you.


I think that ballistics of arrows not really correct. Arrows fly by too small distance. What do developers think about it?


In this game it would be possible to think up something with use of night vision and the thermal vision. Something interesting. Maybe even rifle with nightvision scope.

And screenshot with that revolver


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Dying Light's main game was great, i really enjoyed to play. I enjoyed mostly the part when i was weak and try to escape from Zombies (beginning). When it's dark, when thoughest zombies chasing me, even couldn't dare to look back, try to find somewhere to hide, try to escape, try to reach safehouse.. it was really thrilling. But, second part of game, high buildings, grapple hook, killing zombies with better weapons easily, took that feeling away unfortunately. I could escape easily, although i don't need to!! I wish Techland manages to keep fear rising in game in realistic ways.

Regarding the "Following".. After i shoot someone in the head and he didn't die, i stopped playing. If there will be a gun that explode like C4!!, game is dead to me.

Those were suggestions even if all DLC's wouldn't be interesting to me, you'll be always gamemaker who created a great, an awesome game with first one. But i really wish to play and enjoy a few more DLC's.

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Here is some of my ideas and I'm wishing to make the game balanced if possible. Next Content Drop 3: "Silent but Deadly", Silencers included. How silencers work and to get them, ok so silencers in different game types like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid etc. have a bar that will tell us when it will be depleted and not be reused but a buyable item to get.

2nd Idea: General outfits have passive permanent skills, I don't want outfits to be use for style only and not be really usable.
Athlete: +15 movement speed,
Bully: +20-25 unarmed melee damage (Legend Rank Damage Varied),
Dirty and Fresh Clothes: Default No Skill,
Headhunter: Headshot critical chance increased by 50% (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied),
Juggernaut: Defense Resistance Increased by +30,
Punk: Melee Weapon Damage Increased by +25-30 (Legend Rank Damage on melee weapons for one-hand and two-handed varied),
Runner: Parkour Speed Multiplier Doubled,
Scout: Firearm Accuracy increased by +10-15 (If sniper dlc was included #4 or 5),
Survivor: Health Increased by +50,
Master Scavenger: Luck of looting of items and money increased, lockpicking skill increased opening chance,
Ninja: Silent Footsteps on Human enemies (Don't know if zombies can hear but be very easy to kill on takedown skills in night and day time, camouflage increase on night time),
Special Agent: Firearm Damage Increased by +15-20 (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied)
Urban Explorer: Increases Survivor Sense Range for lootable items,
Skins from "The Following" are cosmetic use same for the character legend rank outfits,
Dragon Ninja: All Melee Damage Increased by +50,
Quarantine Demon: Melee critical chance on varied zombie types increased by 30%,
Perfect Gentleman: All Firearms have doubled firepower,
Golden Boy: Looting money from corpses increases price.

Tree Hugger: Camouflage on grassy areas increased in day and night.

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A survival like difficulty would be good too. A limited HUD like you suggested and realistic damage, For example blunt attacks to the head would actually stun and bladed weapons would be instant kills to the head same as guns to virals and normal zombies. Weapons should degrade easier to encourage scavenging. Virals should be greatly tougher to keep the fear of night. These features combined with yours could be very immersive and interesting.

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On 17.11.2017 at 8:46 PM, TF-Danger said:

How about guns jamming? Only game I have seen that was in Far Cry 2, that is what happens in the real world.

I think it would be inappropriate in this game.

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I would love to see a dual wield option, obviously with one handed weapons, a spear would be pretty cool too. Also being a fan of bleach(anime) it would be awesome to have the swords from the anime

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Hey everyone, i agree with alot of OP's suggestions like hud removal, an actual check time function ( in a game where time of day/night is pretty dam important i'm amazed this was not in from the beginning!) and alot more outfit variety.

also i agree with what 'Liljoethemaster' suggested about outfits having passive bonuses they don't have to be anything too crazy just enough that wearing different outfits would mean something other than being stylish in the zombie apocalypse.

NOW, Onto my suggestion,one that would be unbelievably easy to implement, as the visual/physical asset, hell even the animations for it are already in the game!

<<<!! BINOCULARS !!>>>

In are game where you are essentially  a scout, and are even referred to as a scout many times throughout the story, charged with the task of traversing massive open landscapes, even more so in The Following's huge rural setting,

how is it we lack the one tool that would be at the absolute top of any scouts essential list of equipment,  BINOCULARS!!!  

Just imagine been ingame and been able to whip out your BINOCULARS and actually scout an area before making your move, been able to spot dangers, allies or people in trouble, scope out loot chests or plan parkour routes from a safe distance before you engage! its something ive wished for since the games release!

And as I mentioned before the physical assets are already in the game, there a BINOCULARS found all troughout the world theres even that dam quest the get the BINOCULARS for Alexi and after you've done that quest they show up in you room at the tower, just sitting there mocking us!! there are also npcs that use binoculars, one i can name off the top of my head is in the main survivor camp in The Following, 'The Farm' or whatever its called there is a guy on one of the roof's using BINOCULARS!!

so like i said they are litterally in the game already the just need to make them functional for us!   Sorry for the wall of text, it a topic im very passionate about! But if i could have one thing in the 'Content Drops' it would be BINOCULARS!!

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First i want to comment on the suggestions that were already made :

the suggestions according the HUD are good, i would like to see that in the game too.

when it comes to guns i like the idea of having a revolver in the game, but aside from that i think guns are fine in this game right now.

Stuff like Sniper Rifles wouldn't really fit in my opinion. 

To the Binoculars idea : i don't really know if the engine DL runs on allows for this type of view and rendering distance, just a side thought to that, i would like having that as well though.


Now to my own suggestions : can we please get some parkour moves reworked / added to the game?

I'm mostly talking about the useless Tic Tac and the removed Wallrun as i would've loved having them in the game, but they were probably cut down short due to time constraints or something like that (at least that's what i think).

the Tic Tac feels way to stiff and scripted, a rework of that would be nice (so we could have a proper vertical wallrun and a useable tic tac) and of course add a proper horizontal Wallrun to the movement.

Allowing Walljumps and horizontal wallrunning would allow for a lot more creativity which i would love in the game.

And while i'm complaining about something feeling stiff : the slide could use a little work too, it feels very slow and weird. 

these were just some things i would like to see changed as a huge fan of parkour in videogames.


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Hi guys,

I would have some suggestions for this great game.

Please make a sound overhaul for all firearms, they are too weak like CoD (more brutal/raw) and more organic gore / melee killing sounds (intense bone/neck breaking, stabbing, decapitating ect). Also, more organic splatter effects, like splashing blood spreading on the floor, brain chunks, eyeballs ect. (such as Soldier of Fortune, Blood or Postal 2)

More particles, sparks & more smoldering ashes, like the pollen flying around.
Zombies and corpses that have burned, partly  roasted and crackle.
Explosions with more fire and smoke, flying small parts. realistic muzzle flash, with fewer flames, but with corresponding smoke, particles and sparks, especially for the shotguns, just like real firearms.

How about a flamethrower that sprays flammable liquid when overheating?

how about a chainsaw, as in Deadsnow, I could imagine for the extension the Following, because there would be gasoline for refueling there.

better audible and visible ejecting gun shells.

A few more finishing moves.

I am convinced that many would like it. Especially the console players of PS4 and XBOX would appreciate that, because there are no custom mods. It would make Dying Light even better and more intense, I think. Keep up the good work.

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am i the only one that wants to see some kind of a survival mode? like make us worry about hunger, sleep, thirst, and antizin? i’m really confused about the whole anitizin idea? like why make antizin such a big deal in the early game but then you just completely forget about it and ignore it? i feel like it would make it a completely different game if you add this game mode. you would actually have to go loot for food and water and supplies on a regular basis. not just when you need items to upgrade a weapon or something. i love the game but i’m starting to get bored of it. i want something that’s going to change the game up so much that i play for more than 20 minutes after an update. these weapons and small updates are great to be free but quantity is never better than quality in my opinion. i was pumped for all these updates but they’ve been kind of disappointing so far. silencer was a cool idea but very poor execution and the outfits and weapons only keep me interested for like 20 minutes. i realize my idea would probably be extremely hard to add into the game but it would make the game 10x funner. if you can’t add it into this game then please please please add it in dying light 2  but i’d prefer it in both haha 

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On 11/17/2017 at 8:46 AM, TF-Danger said:

How about guns jamming? Only game I have seen that was in Far Cry 2, that is what happens in the real world.

The problem with games is that they make gun jamming too often, so I personally don’t like the idea.

besides there is only one mission in which a gun is really used, in the open world it’s more useful to go melee.

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So, I have a few suggestions for Dying Light...

- Doorbell Traps: Ring a doorbell in a house to lure nearby zombies to the house, which could possibly be useful to distract zombies inside houses

- Speaker Traps: Activate a set of speakers in a café, club, or restaurant to lure zombies towards the sound, which would be useful for messing with them, especially with volatiles or virals and diverting them. And you could even use naughty music? Or very loud music? Man's Not Hot by Big Shaq would be hilarious... 

- Tin Can Traps: Tin Can Traps are Tin Cans tethered together with string, far apart, and when activated, the string releases, causing the cans to clatter together, which could also be used as a diversion

- Firework Gadgets: Aim em at your target... light em up... let em fly... feel the boom...

- UV Torches As A Modification For Guns: I have loads of time playing Dying Light... I know that there are UV torches... but, maybe you could use one as a modification for a gun so that you could use your other gadgets more efficiently?

- Demolisher Variants: Demolishers are pretty cool... but I find them in Riot armor a little repetitive... maybe you could add variants too? Just like, Demolishers wearing tattered regular clothes instead?


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