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does the dev tools allow to import heightmaps, or does it have any other feature that helps build terrains quicker?

also, what's the difference between a terrain block and a terrain patch?


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There are some settings for height maps when you select the level object in the objects panel, then go to attributes->edit terrain. Haven't played with those yet though :)

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noice. i missed that.

it import .height files, any ideas where from or how to create these? is it just import between dev tools maps? it looks like it. would be great if we could import actual png height maps. not very much about knowing about heightmaps, but would be pretty awesome to import pre made terrains into the tools.


im finding interesting things: .height map files can be exported from the Daylon Leveller, a terrain creation software. the .height extension has been used in a game: Xpand Rally, a rally game created by...polish company Techland Games

so it looks like you can import a heightfield from (for example), import it into leveller  and export as .height

if any one wants to fork over 50 bucks for the software and let us know if you can actually import a hightmap from leveller to dev tools that'd be great. more so be able to import terrains into the dev tools. in a few minutes would be awesome 

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I ´m affraid that height map textures were used in old engines.

Not sure if this technology still work in DL


Can anyone check if you can see this texture and if it is a flat texture?

This is a normal texture that was used in old engine iterations, you had to edit your terrain in the tools then the build process

was saving the terrain height map in a normal texture and you were able to export your terrain in a new map.


But now, the new terrain tool is different,

there ´s terrain blocks that are not necessary seamless ( connected)

so this new terrain is no more homogenous and each terrain block groups should have his own height map 


But there ´s only one height map texture

for each map terrain  under the level attributes

in the terrain field.


I guess the new terrain tool have to deal

with huge terrain surfaces because the old engine ´s terrain was limited in scale.

I mean that the following dlc needed a huge terrain but the old technology was 

not capable of doing this.


But maybe i ´m wrong so you can try to load some height map then restart the tools to see if it works but test this in an empty map cause this could break your map.

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there is a demo for leveller is anybody cares to give it a try (i only found v2.6 though - it's current version is 4.1). i was able to import a heightmap from the site into leveller and see the terrrian with the heights in leveller (very cool and easy) and then i export to .height, but the demo gave an error and exported an empty .height file. if anyone wanna give that a try!

i followed this guide to import

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