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Hey everybody,

i've been trying to get rid of weapon durability for a while now 
by editing the default_levels, but no matter what i do the game simply
won't accept the changes and somehow reverts back to the normal settings somehow.
I tried putting the file in Data0.pak and Data3.pak, tried using the "out" folder
however i am not getting anywhere. (tried following all walkthroughs i could find)
Game works fine even if i completely
delete the default_levels, so i guess the data must be hidden somewhere else?

Any help would be appreciated since i'm completely out of ideas and 
so is google...

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use the data3.pak way .

You mean the default_levels.xml


I did not find the weapon duration variable



You can disable the repair weapon

in the inventory_gen.scr

or other inventory scripts, it depends

which weapon you want to edit.

Change this variable :


into false.

So the weapon will have infinite duration

but the damage will decrease slowly.

And you ´ll have to change this variable for

all weapons , one by one.


But maybe there ´s another way to change

this for any weapon.


And the default_levels may not be used

when the player have changed his level

or skills?

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Yes, i meant the default_levels.xml file.

I've successfully done this before with the Data0.pak since the changes made in the data3.pak
was ignored by the game for some reason(i checked that it wasn't a formatting issue)

Basically you just have to change 2 lines and weapon durability is disabled for all weapons.
Just search for "durability" and you'll find 3 lines, sounds something like: bluntweapondurability, sharpweapondurability and a chargedweapondurability.
(standard value is 0.1 i believe). Change their values to 0 and weapons won't suffer durability loss at all.

It's just that this time i can't get it working so there must have been some kind of update i can't around.  

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Found the solution - Seems there's been an update that reverts all changes to the game if you're online.
Simply changing the game mode to singleplayer is insufficient and i have to play the game with steam in offline mode instead

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