Keep blood on?

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hey all

im wondering if we can mod the game to leave the blood on the floor created when killing zombies

does anyone know if its possible or has anyone's done that?

having to place decals to imitate a battle that took place is an area is a pain

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I know that a part of this process is handled by the fx_emitter and particle_fx


And the chance is that "all" (a lot of the) fx and particle scripts are available in the data paks.


But i don ´t know if the blood decal fx ´s duration is hardcoded or if his duration

variable is available in any script that we can have access to.


So you could try to dig into fx folder to find which blood fx is used for zombie 

death or wounds.


Extract the fx folder from the data0.pak

and search for some words in the whole folder with agent ransack.

Maybe this is better to extract all data.paks (merge them and overwrite) somewhere to search with agent ransack , any word or file that could

be related to blood decals.


Like searching for blood word (many matches) or hit, death, wound...


I know this is complicated so maybe this 

is better to let it as it is?

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Add the whole folder that contains your

modded file into your project, within the same directory.


I mean the folder extracted from data.paks and all the files inside.

Cause modding custom maps is different than modding the game

so all files connected with include

function or other variable connections nedd to be included 

to make the mod to work.


But as i said this could be a long


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yeah, it might take time or not even be possible, but in an interior map, especially where the player passes through the same place twice it's really cool to have the blood stay on the walls and floor, and not have the hall be blood-free when you previously killed 20 zombies and splattered the wall from top to bottom.

i did a 1 hour search i came up with a few keywords but i don't think i found the place to change this yet.

here's a few if someone else want to search some more  (or if i come back to this!)






BloodSplatFactor (weapon related)

f_screen_drops_splat_time (i think this is the blood on the screen when you're dying - these ones underneath might be related to this as well)







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