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My question here is obvious. Should the autobalance be a bit more subtle rather then just plain crazy?

I Had this apex who was spaming gp claw, but anyway I was leading with only 1 or 2 deaths by the last 2 nests and suddenly number of virals almost doubled, every nest had 2 Goons in 1 vs 1 match, at the begining there was none to maybe 1?? What da hell ...

Not to mention spits and everything, I lost 7 lives on a single nest. After that it was just stupid to continue playing, I lost all my will to play such an unfair game and I lost cuz he ain't stupid to engage me on a plain site , but waits for me to start killing off virals and moves in. Fight the virals, fight the hunter, virals grabing you while u try to grapple or evade, goons knock u down for a spit its just crazy. Should I loose so badly just cuz some guy cant play diferently? 

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Dude, I agree with you 100% right here. Whenever I play against fake apexes or someone who I can easily win against I always get to the 4th nest with like 1 or 2 deaths. Then auto balance kicks in and now they get their spits crazy fast. I would constantly be getting spit smashed or gp spit. Sometimes I would be aggressive and attack the Hunter but surprise surprise, he has UV shield already after just using one. I will admit, the auto balance has helped me sometimes against actually good Apexes but now it made it way unfair for the Hunter and that's not how I like to win, I like to win from a fair game. So personally, auto balance needs to be a bit more subtle like you said because the way it is right now, it can dramatically change the odds of winning or losing from both sides.

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