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SPOILERS -- LONG -- Repeat Playthrough Strategies

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Dying Light is an awesome game which features two storylines. The main storyline is pretty much a contiuous series of missions which culminate in you facing your main opponent, in the Campaign, Rais, and in the Following, the Mother. The other storyline is comprised of a bunch of unrelated sidequests, which provide your character the opportunity to increase their skill levels, as well as earn interesting rewards, such as weapons and weapon blueprints.

As many of you who have played through multiple times realize, everything in the game levels up with you. So as your character develops more skills and experience, your weapons and abilities increase, at the same time that your opponents get stronger. So there are generally two ways to approach completing the game. The first is to focus on the main storyline missions and speedrun the game. You won't reach maximum skill levels for your character, but then again you may be able to complete the main story, without facing the strongest levels of the opponents, as well.

The other way to play the game is to make sure you take your time, work at leveling up your character early in the game, and continuously scavenge everything available. You can accomplish this by simply wandering throughout the game, by liberating safe zones, farming quarantine zones, and one of the best methods for leveling up, is to perform sidequests before completing the main storyline missions. However, I enjoy immersing myself in the storyline, (even if it's a repeat playthrough), and I've found that I prefer to pause the main storyline when it feels like a good time to pause the story. Not when someone is waiting for me, asking me to come help them, or reminding me that I have the main storyline paused.

So after a few playthroughs of the both the Campaign and the Following, here are several suggestions for opportunities to wander the Dying Light world, with little to no main storyline repercussions. This information contains several spoilers as well.

Main Campaign



This mission finishes after you get the Antizin shot from Dr. Zere. There is infinite daytime, but the Safe Zones aren't identified so you can't liberate them yet. Before you finish the mission by seeing Dr. Zere, you can wander anywhere, collect items, the Quartermaster should give you a lockpick, (but you don't have the blueprint yet), and you can try and see how many things you can open before it breaks. You should also start a practice of picking up every metal pipe and floor plank in every dumpster, and dismantling them for parts. You should also develop a practice of searching every trash can, in addition to the normal scavenging. Take whatever the game gives you, again and again. There's two sunken airdrop containers near the Tower, which you should also repeatedly farm, (they typically respawn every 48 hours).

First Assignment

This mission finishes after waking up after the first night, and you talk to Brecken in the Tower. Still infinite daytime, but at the end of the mission the first nightfall occurs, so if you're going use the infinite daytime, you have to do so before completing all the missions for Spike. You should also start your Survival skill tree which gives you several blueprints, including lockpicks. You should now be lockpicking everything you find. In fact when you liberate the first safe zone, (Jade's request), you're next to the highway tunnels where there are 3 Police Vans that you should make a practice of lockpicking every time you're by them.

After fixing the power, when you're back in the Safe Zone that you liberated earlier, you should also realize that that night will continue until you sleep. So during this infinite night, if you want to wander the map at night, you can, and you won't come across Volatiles. After you sleep, Spike asks to talk to you, and afterwards you have to talk to Brecken to get your assignment for trying to get your first airdrop. I usually will pause the main storyline after talking to Spike, and delay talking to Brecken because it's still infinite day, the story won't progress until you see Brecken, and so it's a great time to wander.


After talking to Brecken, you get your assignment to intercept an airdrop. There's two important things that happen in this mission. You'll face your first human opponents at the second airdrop site, and you'll spend the night outside with the Volatiles for the first time. To complete the mission you have to get back to the Tower, (not any safe house), and talk to Brecken, and thereafter the day/night cycle in the game is established.

Before you even start this mission in the cauldron, (Jade is directing you), you already have a bunch of sidequests activated. I prefer to do these sidequests after this mission is completed, so I don't use this time to start the sidequests, but I use this time to liberate as many safe houses as I can, scavenge as many items as I can, and now that the shops are open, sell valuables, and buy up in weapons, as much as I can. 

The safe zones do appear on your map for the first time now and you can liberate them, but you should use firecrackers to draw out most of the zombies and then carefully fight the ones that remain. Don't forget to use your kicks when fighting, look for spikes to kick zombies in to, and try to fight from above so you can hit them, but they can't hit you. Goons are the hardest zombies you'll face now, so try to take them out with ranged weapons, like throwing stars.

Finally, this mission is the first time you will meet human opponents, (Rais' men at the second airdrop site). Even though you're supposed to run away from them, I like to defeat them, but I know that I can't without some kind of ranged weapons. My favorite method is to use shrapnel grenades thrown from on top the building opposite the safe zone. That means that my Survival skill tree has to be advanced to the point that I have the blueprints to make them before I get to this point in the game. Also you now know, you need to run from the final airdrop site back to the Tower at night, with Volatiles chasing you. It's a good idea for you to scout the path you want to use, during the day.

Pact with Rais

Now that the normal day/night cycle is set, you can find opportunities to divert from the main storyline, suggested for you. For example, during the Pact with Rais mission you're going to be turning on transmitters in towers, and then collecting money from settlements. (Don't miss the third sunken aidrop container near two of the villages you collect payment from). During this mission, you're going to establish a new safe house, and shop you can use, at Rais' HQ. However, this closes at the completion of this mission. So the moment you pick up the blueprints from the missing patrol, Rais' HQ is going to be closed to you. As long as you don't pick up the blueprints for that part of the mission, you can go back to Rais' HQ shop as many times as you want.


This mission starts with Jade telling you to meet her in a train car near the school. However, I'll typically leave her waiting until I'm leveled up, with strong weapons, with most of my sidequests done, all the safe zones liberated, and a particular quarantine zone farmed well. This is really the only pause which gives me a little bit of guilt because I know she's in the train car waiting for me, but I also know I prefer a ranged weapon, (bow or gun), to take out the Toads on the roof of the school, and it's nice to have a good shotgun, and/or grenades for the human opponents in the school.

This mission has several parts. You need to clear the school roof of zombies, then enter the school and complete the mission there. Then you need to head back to the tower to talk to Zere, so you can enable hunting Bolters. Once you kill your first Bolter, it will be at night. If you do as Zere instructs and run back to him at night to give him the tissue, then right after that, Rahim will call you and Crane will want to immediately go to him. However, if you don't bring the Bolter tissue to Zere, another example of straying from the main storyline mission, then you can complete the series of sidequests you'll get from the witch at a safe zone, which culminates with receiving a blueprint for the best potion in the game. The cloak potion.

So before I bring the Bolter tissue to Zere, I not only complete all of the witches sidequests, but I also farm a bunch of Bolters, and make and equip 10 cloak potions, (10 cloak potions take up one slot). I also eventually turn my Bolter tissue into Zere during the day, so when I leave and start running for the warehouse where Rahim is, it's daytime. Once you've completed the part of the mission with Rahim, to complete the overall mission, you have to head back to the Tower to talk with Brecken. When you talk to him on the first floor, this mission is done, but you're immediately thrust into the Pit mission.

The Pit

When you go back to the Tower and talk to Brecken, (he's on the first floor), and you open the door, this will start a series of events which ends with you in the Pit. So don't open the door to talk to to Brecken until you're ready to face the Demolisher in the Pit. It doesn't matter what time of the day you open the door to talk to Brecken, as when he's talking to you, it turns to night, Rais' men attack the trailer compound, and kidnap Zere to take him back to Rais' HQ. You're going to have jump outside and defeat Rais' men at the trailer compound, and then run to the HQ at night, to defeat Rais' men who are outside and on top of the HQ building. Then you need to enter the building, defeat the men there, and find Zere. So you need everything to be ready for your skill trees, weapons and inventory, prior to opening the door to talk to Brecken. (Speed and Resistance potions are useful here)

Once the Pit is completed, and you've defeated the Demolisher and escaped Rais' tower, you awaken on the barge, and you're given the Saviors mission which will bring you to Old Town. If you've followed this advice, you're pretty well set for anything that will get thrown at you for the rest of the game. The last time I played through, I had maxed out my survival, agility and power skill trees, and was a legend level 5 before heading out to Old Town.

One small point is that before you go to Old Town, make sure you complete the Hardware sidequest for Tolga and Fatin in the Slums first, (you'll get the mobile sonar unit from the bridge). If you don't, you won't activate the Launch sidequest when you get to the Antenna map. You can still do them after your complete the main storyline, it just means visiting the Antenna map twice.

Old Town

Rendevous at the Museum

After getting to Old Town, as I mentioned, you're pretty well set, but again the main storyline will drive you to completion, so it's tough to figure out a moment to divert from the main story, to do sidequests and liberate safe zone, that still leaves you immersed in the story. My favorite pause point for the main storyline missions in Old Town, is right after the Public Face mission is completed, and you're supposed to meet Jade in the building by the river. Once you enter the room where Jade was kidnapped from, you pretty much need to get to the Museum, (although make sure you do the Chasing Past sidequest before going to the Museum, unless you want to swim it twice), which ends with you losing Jade, and fighting Tahir.

Afterwards, before completing the final story missions, you should now really have all sidequests done, safezones liberated, and your inventory where you want it to be, and then go ahead and complete the story missions straight until the ending. When I'm done with the main campaign stories the only things typically left are the Slum missions where you need to find stuff for either the Tower, like medicine and bandages, or Gursel's Fishing Village, like the Binoculars. In fact if you never complete the Binoculars mission, then every time you track that quest, and quit the game. When you start the game you will start in Gursel's Fishing Village, (one of my favorite places in the game).

The Following

The Countryside

Things are different in the Following, in that during the main storyline mission, you're actually guided towards completing sidequests, so it's much easier to find good times to wander the Countryside. At one point the main storyline mission is actually paused until you've leveled up your rank to the point that you can continue. Enjoy those respites from the main story, and make sure you explore all of the Countryside, (you'd be amazed at what's out there). When you're asked to continue, and you're ready to continue, same advice as before. Make sure you have everything where you want it to be in terms of inventory, weapons, levels, before taking on the big challenges in the Following, which come in both of the final two missions, the Granary mission, (lots of armored human opponents), and in the Following, (you'll need a good buggy, a smart route, and then Mother is a beast to defeat).

Lastly, if you're the kind of person who has to find every item in the game, there is an outfit which is located in the initial caves of the Following. So before you leave the caves, and start jumping down to get into the Following main storyline, take some time to find that outfit. There is a device that's supposed to provide an opportunity to get back there later in the game, but it's affected by random chance, so it's not guaranteed. I typically don't care, but wanted to collect all outfits once, and spent a maddening amount of time trying to get back to the initial caves using this item, without success.

Enjoy the most awesome game, again and again, until Techland rewards us with DL 2!!

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